Thankful Thursday 31/05/12

Today I am thankful that my daughter has woken up to a situation in her life and is doing something pro-active about it.  For too long this person has made a fool out of her and now she has finally woken up to what has been going on.  As a parent it is difficult to stand by and watch your child make a mistake, but I think I have done a pretty good job of keeping my beak out of it and now I am thankful she has come to the realisation of how things are all by herself.

I am also thankful that I went on the Reiki 1 course, this has given me so much over the past couple of weeks I am wondering how I ever managed without Reiki.

Try something new Tuesday.

As I am all for bringing fresh ideas and content to my blog I thought it would be a good idea to do my themed posts – a different theme for each day of the week.  It sounds both easy and mundane, but this being a witchy themed blog means I have to do something within a witchy theme.

I am still pretty much up in the air, lot of different ideas buzzing around for different things – some blog related, others not – and this meant I had forgotten to do a post for today.  I also had no idea what the heck I was going to try either.  I silently chastised myself for letting another day go by as I prepared our evening meal and that was when it hit me.  I was trying out a new recipe – not really my own, but a variation on a branded seasoning mix.
So, without further ado, here is what I made.

Creamy Chicken and Basil Linguine.

The seasoning is from this range   product link  and I added the following – 2 large chicken portions (not sure about the weight, they were large ones though), a handful of cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters, mushrooms, sliced, mozarella cheese, cut into small pieces, and half a pint of milk.  The recipe calls for parmesan cheese and broccoli florets, but I chose not to use them.  I also changed the method of cooking too.

I chopped the chicken portions into bite sized pieces and browned them
I sliced a few mushrooms, about 6
I quartered the cherry toms – there were roughly 6 or 7
I cut a shop bought pack of mozarella into small pieces.
All of these ingredients were placed in my slow cooker and to that I added the half pint of milk and the packet of seasoning mix.  I gave it a good stir and then cooked it on the high setting for two and a half hours.  Just before this was ready I cooked the linguine.

I have to say, it didn’t look that appetisiing when it was served up and I did wonder if I should have stuck to the ingredients and instructions on the packet.  Once I had my first mouthful though I was pleasantly surprised.  This was really tasty and gorgeous, and I can assure a fussy eater like me rarely says that about food!
I really enjoyed the meal, as did N.  We both agreed it looked like a plate full of sick when we served it up, but the taste was divine.

Music Monday – 28/05

It’s been a while dear blogger.  I have been so busy since my Reiki 1 (which was just amazing, by the way) I have barely had a minute to myself.
A few changes, starting with the introduction of Music Monday.

Today’s song is included in the movie, New Moon.  It is by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and is called Done All Wrong.


Saturday’s, for me, are supposed to be all about letting my hair down and doing as little as possible when it comes to doing things for others.  It has recently occurred to me that despite all of my health issues my family lean on me just a bit too much.  As my husband pointed out, I really am too kind hearted.  With this in mind I planned to extend the Sunday ritual that I have into the entire weekend.
On a Sunday I always do at least one restful thing, mostly it is a little time spent meditating or visualising and it is the only day I ever seem to actually stick to my guns on such things.  With the recent Super moon I feel more exhausted than ever, the energies have been greatly amplified and dramas that would never normally be dramas have knocked spots off the usual dramas!
I have had my fill of family daftness this week.  I call it daftness, well, because it really was only daftness.  The energies of the Super moon seemed to intensify the daftness and turn it something it didn’t need to be but it has drained me so much that I thought it was high time I started saying no – more than I do.

You know, I’m full of good advice for others when it comes to problems and dramas in their lives and generally family and friends rally to me for that advice.  One of the most common pieces of advice I give is learning how to say no, yet here I am not heeding my own advice and feeling so run down.
So I decided last night that my weekends are now going to be all about relaxation and restfulness and meditation and other stuff like that.  Next weekend I will be doing my Reiki level 1 and I want to be in a good space, emotionally, for that.


…….is to be my day for trying something new – whether witchy related or not.

 Today I actually listened.

That sounds obvious but when you take on board what I was actually listening to you will understand.  My husband is so badly affected by his health problems that he is entitled to a car on the Motability car scheme.  We got our first car in 2009 and it is due to be upgraded this summer.  You don’t buy the car, you lease it.  If you meet the criteria of something called Disability Living Allowance and you receive the highest mobility rate, then you can swap your money for a car.  You have to have at least one year left on your claim and you must be receiving the highest rate, and ideally be receiving this money long term – my husband has his for life as he will never get any better, in fact he will get progressively worse.
So, we had an appointment to see our dealership today and I was determined that I was not going to come away with anything less than what I wanted.  My husband has never drove so it falls to me to do the driving and I guess the car really needs to meet my standards more than his.
Before we went there I insisted that we would go elsewhere if things weren’t up to my expectations and DH agreed.  As soon as we went in I knew that I wasn’t going to get the type of car I wanted, or at least had hoped for.  Usually this is the point where I would close my mind and either terminate the meeting or just switch off from what is being said.  I have usually made my mind up to have things my way or no way.

But because I have insisted on trying something new each Tuesday I thought I could actually really listen to what this guy had to say.  So I listened and I took in all he had to say and I actually learnt a thing or two.  I may not have the exact car I wanted in terms of size and boot space – don’t ask! – but I have a newer model of our current car and boy the gadgets in it are just awesome!

We don’t actually get our car until mid August, these things take time and there are all the relevant paperwork checks to go through, but I am quite happy with what we are getting.  If I hadn’t listened I would have insisted that we went elsewhere and probably ended up with a bigger car, but we would have been out of pocket on the fuel front and I wouldn’t be getting my on-board snazzy gadgets.

Try something new Tuesday has taught me that bigger isn’t always better, and sometimes it pays to sacrifice what you think you want.  It has taught me that I switch off from people too easily when I have already made my mind up about something and I can see how this has gotten me into trouble in the past.  It is a lesson I needed to learn and I am going to be taking on board the lesson I have learnt and utilise it in my life.

The Supermoon.

I wrote this blog post last weekend, when the energies of the Supermoon were really strong.  Since then I have noticed that they are still influential, especially in areas that would be a mere hiccup and not the major drama they are turning into.

The moon is really close to earth right now.  When she rises she looks so close that we almost believe we can reach out and touch her.  Different theorists have different theories – as they would ;p – about how she will affect us.  I have personally felt an intensity in emotional issues that haven’t been prevalent for a very long time.  People who I have no contact with stirring up trouble and dragging me into it; family issues that I thought were long resolved got dragged up again; petty annoyances with my not so wonderful neighbours have really intensified.  It’s like everything on an emotional level for me is being super charged and thrust back at me, requiring me to deal with it NOW.

I have felt particularly helpless in all of these areas.  I know I haven’t done anything wrong in regards to the not so close and ex friend issues – because I haven’t seen them, spoken to them or had any contact with any of them.  I cannot fix something I haven’t broken, nor can I get involved with something that I have no role in.  A stirrer is stirring the pot of emotional drama and trouble and everyone involved is acting exactly how she wants them to – including taking potshots at me because she loves to sulk about any of her “set” interacting with me.  She only needs to say I have “abused” her and the drama starts – again.  But I haven’t spoken to her or any of her “set” in what feels like forever so I know that what she is saying is all a pack of lies, just to cause trouble and the Supermoon is adding that extra bit of bite to the already volatile situation.
The family dramas are just silly things and yet I feel helpless – as I do with the friendship/ex friend issues – on both counts it is down to petty behaviour and I am loathe to get involved with such childish shenanigans; like I pointed out, I am 41 not 14.
The neighbour issues are the usual – next door parking along my front when they have their own space.  They haven’t had the opportunity this past fortnight as DD1’s boyfriend had left his car here while he was away doing exams.  His car was moved, (by him), yesterday and within a couple of hours they were back on our front.  The next-door-but-one idiot  has bought her supposedly seriously ill son a motorbike.  He is 14.  He revs it in the back garden for hours until she gets sick of the noise and then he rides off on it – no helmet, no insurance, no license.  So more dramas I have no control over, but getting under my skin all the same.

Generally I rise above the neighbours, because I know they have no manners, are ignorant and selfish and if they think their behaviour is annoying they do it all the more.  The family stuff I tend to keep out of and let them sort themselves, being on hand if they ask for advice, that sort of thing.  As for the friend thing, well, these are the same set of friends/ex-friends I have had dramas and troubles with for as long as I can remember.  I came to the conclusion a while ago that they aren’t my friends and I moved on from them.  That my name has been thrown back into the mix for one troublemaker’s perverse pleasure is just unfortunate I guess.  I refuse to be drawn into whatever dramas they are having and I know it had nothing to do with me.

As with all full moons the energies will ebb and flow, the intensity will lessen.  I guess it’s just a matter of riding the crest of the wave until the emotional rollercoaster passes.  I’ve donned my hard hat, taken a deep breath and found things to do to keep me out of the way of all of this drama that is trying to drag me in.

I took a few pics of the supermoon last night and over the past couple of days.

Happy Birthday to me.

 I woke up this morning to the news that another so called friend had unfriended me because of THAT liar I know.  As always, those concerned can never do me the honour of asking me if her stories are true, they just believe her rubbish and stop all contact with me.  This used to really hurt and sadden me, but now I know that if they were truly friends of mine they wouldn’t have cut ties with me on such a flimsy whim.  I know I deserve better than their treatment of me and I am moving on from such petty nonsense.  So Happy Birthday to me..xx..

Thankful Thursday.

I used to do this on my blog, giving thanks for things in my life, whatever they were.  Then I stopped, for whatever reason, but in recent months I have seen people doing this kind of thing on their blogs, FB pages etc, so I figured that I might as well get back into the giving thanks.
Someone I know gives thanks everyday, whereas one or two others do this on a specific day – generally a Thursday.  I thought I would stick to the Thursday, I can get slack when it comes to doing regular stuff, but once a week isn’t as hard to stick to as everyday.

This week I am thankful for everyone who has helped me during my dark times; even though I don’t always open up as much as I should,  being able to say something when I need to, or even knowing that someone is there for me has helped me enormously.  In turn this has helped me get back on my path and I am thankful for that too.

Last night…..

……..I performed my first ritual in a very long time.  This may seem unintersting and not that much of a big deal to most, but to me it marked the dawning of a new era.  It represented the fact that I have been able to move forward from that horrible place I have been dwelling for such a long time now.  As corny as it sounds, I really didn’t expect it to feel so…….wonderful, but it did.  I’m trying to find the right words for how I felt, but nothing is right, so I’m not going to try.  Those of you who have felt the beauty and magick of rituals and spell casting will know what I mean.

I have to say, I felt relaxed all evening, slept well – for a change – and was able to greet the new day (today) with enthusiasm.  Feeling so good and positive has meant that I was able to get creative for the first time in I don’t know how long and actually get some writing done.  I also was able to make sense of some very intriguing signs that have been presenting themselves to me for quite a while, only I had no idea what they were all about.
I feel as if I have just worked out how to get out of an intricate maze and have been greeted by a beautiful sunny day after wandering, lost, in the dark and gloomy overgrown hedges of the maze.  I don’t think everything about feeling so good can be contributed to performing a Beltane ritual, but I think it certainly helped me refocus my thoughts and stagnant mind.

I am happy to be walking back into the sunlight after months in the darkness.