Thankful Thursday.

I used to do this on my blog, giving thanks for things in my life, whatever they were.  Then I stopped, for whatever reason, but in recent months I have seen people doing this kind of thing on their blogs, FB pages etc, so I figured that I might as well get back into the giving thanks.
Someone I know gives thanks everyday, whereas one or two others do this on a specific day – generally a Thursday.  I thought I would stick to the Thursday, I can get slack when it comes to doing regular stuff, but once a week isn’t as hard to stick to as everyday.

This week I am thankful for everyone who has helped me during my dark times; even though I don’t always open up as much as I should,  being able to say something when I need to, or even knowing that someone is there for me has helped me enormously.  In turn this has helped me get back on my path and I am thankful for that too.

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