The Supermoon.

I wrote this blog post last weekend, when the energies of the Supermoon were really strong.  Since then I have noticed that they are still influential, especially in areas that would be a mere hiccup and not the major drama they are turning into.

The moon is really close to earth right now.  When she rises she looks so close that we almost believe we can reach out and touch her.  Different theorists have different theories – as they would ;p – about how she will affect us.  I have personally felt an intensity in emotional issues that haven’t been prevalent for a very long time.  People who I have no contact with stirring up trouble and dragging me into it; family issues that I thought were long resolved got dragged up again; petty annoyances with my not so wonderful neighbours have really intensified.  It’s like everything on an emotional level for me is being super charged and thrust back at me, requiring me to deal with it NOW.

I have felt particularly helpless in all of these areas.  I know I haven’t done anything wrong in regards to the not so close and ex friend issues – because I haven’t seen them, spoken to them or had any contact with any of them.  I cannot fix something I haven’t broken, nor can I get involved with something that I have no role in.  A stirrer is stirring the pot of emotional drama and trouble and everyone involved is acting exactly how she wants them to – including taking potshots at me because she loves to sulk about any of her “set” interacting with me.  She only needs to say I have “abused” her and the drama starts – again.  But I haven’t spoken to her or any of her “set” in what feels like forever so I know that what she is saying is all a pack of lies, just to cause trouble and the Supermoon is adding that extra bit of bite to the already volatile situation.
The family dramas are just silly things and yet I feel helpless – as I do with the friendship/ex friend issues – on both counts it is down to petty behaviour and I am loathe to get involved with such childish shenanigans; like I pointed out, I am 41 not 14.
The neighbour issues are the usual – next door parking along my front when they have their own space.  They haven’t had the opportunity this past fortnight as DD1’s boyfriend had left his car here while he was away doing exams.  His car was moved, (by him), yesterday and within a couple of hours they were back on our front.  The next-door-but-one idiot  has bought her supposedly seriously ill son a motorbike.  He is 14.  He revs it in the back garden for hours until she gets sick of the noise and then he rides off on it – no helmet, no insurance, no license.  So more dramas I have no control over, but getting under my skin all the same.

Generally I rise above the neighbours, because I know they have no manners, are ignorant and selfish and if they think their behaviour is annoying they do it all the more.  The family stuff I tend to keep out of and let them sort themselves, being on hand if they ask for advice, that sort of thing.  As for the friend thing, well, these are the same set of friends/ex-friends I have had dramas and troubles with for as long as I can remember.  I came to the conclusion a while ago that they aren’t my friends and I moved on from them.  That my name has been thrown back into the mix for one troublemaker’s perverse pleasure is just unfortunate I guess.  I refuse to be drawn into whatever dramas they are having and I know it had nothing to do with me.

As with all full moons the energies will ebb and flow, the intensity will lessen.  I guess it’s just a matter of riding the crest of the wave until the emotional rollercoaster passes.  I’ve donned my hard hat, taken a deep breath and found things to do to keep me out of the way of all of this drama that is trying to drag me in.

I took a few pics of the supermoon last night and over the past couple of days.

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