Try something new Tuesday.

As I am all for bringing fresh ideas and content to my blog I thought it would be a good idea to do my themed posts – a different theme for each day of the week.  It sounds both easy and mundane, but this being a witchy themed blog means I have to do something within a witchy theme.

I am still pretty much up in the air, lot of different ideas buzzing around for different things – some blog related, others not – and this meant I had forgotten to do a post for today.  I also had no idea what the heck I was going to try either.  I silently chastised myself for letting another day go by as I prepared our evening meal and that was when it hit me.  I was trying out a new recipe – not really my own, but a variation on a branded seasoning mix.
So, without further ado, here is what I made.

Creamy Chicken and Basil Linguine.

The seasoning is from this range   product link  and I added the following – 2 large chicken portions (not sure about the weight, they were large ones though), a handful of cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters, mushrooms, sliced, mozarella cheese, cut into small pieces, and half a pint of milk.  The recipe calls for parmesan cheese and broccoli florets, but I chose not to use them.  I also changed the method of cooking too.

I chopped the chicken portions into bite sized pieces and browned them
I sliced a few mushrooms, about 6
I quartered the cherry toms – there were roughly 6 or 7
I cut a shop bought pack of mozarella into small pieces.
All of these ingredients were placed in my slow cooker and to that I added the half pint of milk and the packet of seasoning mix.  I gave it a good stir and then cooked it on the high setting for two and a half hours.  Just before this was ready I cooked the linguine.

I have to say, it didn’t look that appetisiing when it was served up and I did wonder if I should have stuck to the ingredients and instructions on the packet.  Once I had my first mouthful though I was pleasantly surprised.  This was really tasty and gorgeous, and I can assure a fussy eater like me rarely says that about food!
I really enjoyed the meal, as did N.  We both agreed it looked like a plate full of sick when we served it up, but the taste was divine.

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