Feel Good Friday.

Friday’s, for me, are the end of the week.  I know I don’t work, but I do home educate and this obviously takes place during the week.  Once Friday rolls around I want some fun, some relaxation, some good times, the right balance of all of these things.
I often find people are easier to deal with on a Friday, probably because the weekend is fast approaching and they have their own minds on their own fun pursuits.  So for me Friday has always had a kind of magickal appeal and feel to it.

On a Friday on my blog I am going to try and post about something that has that feel good factor.  This could be anything from a random act of kindness to a fun filled activity.  This week – as it is short notice for me and I haven’t been very good with my organisational skills this past week or so – I am opting for a random act of kindness.  My random act of kindness is something really simple, although it will make me pay later.  I am going to drive to my daughter’s flat and pick her up.  Her boyfriend is going away for the weekend and she had plans with her best friend.  However, the best friend is being off so my daughter cancelled the weekend and is coming to stay with us until Monday.  The trip there and back today is 80 miles and it will make my neck as sore as hell, and my muscles and joints won’t feel so good, but knowing that my daughter has company this weekend is good enough for me.  Being kind to her when her friend is being a royal pain in the butt gives me that feel good feeling.

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