Saturday posts.

When I try to stick to theme for each day on my blog I get so lost on what to do for a Saturday.  I have spent a while thinking this over and not coming up with anything really good enough (in my opinion).  Saturday’s are even more fun than Fridays and so I did not want to bog my day down with too much technicality.  With this way of thinking in mind, I have decided I will use the day to read and review a pagan/witchy themed book.
You know, I have so many books in this genre that I need to get through, so this is as good a way as any to get on top of them.

My first book is:  Be Your Own Life Coach by Fiona Harrold.  I received this book when I was on my Reiki course.  The Reiki Master, a lovely woman called Marion, set out a few books from her mind, body and spirit range that she no longer wanted and offered them to us students.  I immediately felt drawn to the book I picked, so going with my gut feeling I chose that particular one.  I attempted to read it a couple of days after my Reiki 1 course, but somehow it was never the right time to sit and read.  Today I plan to make a start on this book and write about it – or what I have read of it – in next Saturday’s post.