Try something new Tuesday. 05/06/12

This week my Try something new task was to try and get relaxed.  When life is being stressful the usual methods don’t always work, someone will want something and I am not so good at saying no – not always.  Tomorrow I have my first counselling session and I am feeling pretty freaked out about it – it is a phone appointment which will last around half an hour.  I knew that I would struggle to relax today so I recorded an old movie.  The movie was a Cliff Richard musical comedy.
I have never been overly keen on Cliff Richard, he always comes across as pretty smug to me, but according to my mother and my deceased Aunt he was pretty funny in movies he starred in throughout the sixties.  Normally I would ignore such a movie, but needing to switch off from my troubles and relax (and remember, the usual methods aren’t helping) I sat through this movie – Wonderful Life.  It bordered on farcical, I’m not sure if it was supposed to or if that was just how I viewed it.  But it really did the trick, helped me relax enough to fill in a long public holiday afternoon.

I am aware that so far since I came back to the blog I have done very little pagan themed.  My point today is that when all else is failing sometimes an ordinary thing can help us more than any esoteric thing ever could.  Instead of me trying every relaxation technique that I know I decided to try a normal thing, watch a silly movie, and yep, it worked just as well as the arsenal of relaxation techniques that I have under my belt.
Trying something new does not necessarily have to be elaborate, all it has to be about is you doing something different that you probably would never think to do.

Give it a try.

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