More health worries.

Regular followers of this blog will know I’ve had many health issues I’ve had to face these past few years. Well, I’m ill again, hence the lack of posting here.

I am anaemic and have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Not sure how I feel, I was told last week it was highly likely, but today the diagnosis is official.
I feel quite numb, my Dad was a diabetic and in the end complications of that killed him. I guess it’s been praying on my mind since last week and I’ve been stressing about that.

I have to see the specialist nurse on Friday for medication etc and I feel like I’ve been given a death sentence at the moment.


  1. *Hugs*Diabetes does not have to be a death sentence. With Type 2, you can often manage it with diet. Both Types 1 and 2 run in my family. When my aunt was born in the 1940's with Type 1 (Juvenile Diabetes, so she is insulin-dependent), they didn't think she'd make it past adolescence. But she did and has 3 children. She outlived both my uncles and her parents, and is now enjoying her retirement. I'm pretty sure she'll even outlive my father, who is an alcoholic (and has done a lot of damage to his own body).So please keep your chin up!


  2. petoskystone says:

    *hugs* I also know a few people with late onset diabetes. With the advances in medication, & watching diet + exercise, they are doing well. Chin up…grab this diagnosis & shake it into shape!


  3. Sue says:

    Thank you both. My worry is coming from the fact my Dad had type 1 diabetes and had so many health problems with it, not to mention the fact that it knackered his kidneys and that was one of the things that led to his death.OK, I know I'm nowhere near there and I intend to stay as healthy as I can – he also had mental health issues and allowed his diabetes to get out of control – it's just all I can think of at the moment and it scares the poop out of me!


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