Live life.

Over the festive period I acquired a pack of angel cards. I’ve never been that keen on angel cards, having had a couple of packs in the late 90’s.
This pack is a lot less fussy though, more a pick-a-card-day-for-inspiration pack than doing full on readings. I pulled my first card this morning and the message was to live my life. Very appropriate for me right now, so I am quite happy about that.

I need to just live. I need to stop wondering so much about future events. I need to stop hurting over people who don’t give a damn about me. I’ve been holding on so tightly to a lot of pain and problems, I just need to let go and live my life.

And that’s what I intend to do.

Change for the New Year.

I’ve been struggling for quite a while now with the whole celebrating life like our ancestors, you know, following the Celtic Year sort of thing.
Having New Year at Samhain is the biggest sticking point for me. I’ve been accused of not being a real witch because I don’t feel that this particular period of time is the new year.
Well, tough bananas to anyone who wants to label me as a bad witch, or say I’m not a real witch, I guess you’re entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine.

I live in a modern society and new year, whether I like it or not, starts on January 1st. It makes sense for me I so many ways to begin my year at the beginning of the calendar year. I can still be my witchy self, I’m not letting anyone down.


Life is hectic, as always. Health issues still dominate our lives, but we’ve had an extra person’s health added to the mix. Our youngest daughter, Emma, is pregnant with her first child. She has a low lying placenta which is causing a few issues, but there is still time for it to move up.

Today we went to the cemetery as it would have been my Dad’s birthday. Whilst putting flowers on the grave something caught my eye, a red squirrel. My mother was particularly delighted as she has always wanted to see one but never has.
We all felt this was a gift to us from my Dad; we go to that cemetery all of the time and have done for years, yet we have never seen a squirrel. It just felt so special.