Review of Seducing The Secret Heiress.

Seducing The Secret Heiress is a Romantic Novel by Jennifer St. George.  The book is published by Penguin Books Australia, Destiny Romance.

Charlotte Wentworth has fled her home after discovering her fiance cheating on her.  She winds up in Italy, where she rescues a little girl from the sea.  The uncle of the girl is so grateful to her that he asks her to stay with them when it emerges that Charlotte’s solitary backpack has been nabbed from the beach, whilst saving the young girl’s life.  Not wanting to reveal her true, and famous identity, Charlotte calls herself Charlie Brown.

From pretty diamond heiress to sassy reality show contestant, Charlie learns to stand on her own two feet, wowing the audiences of a reality TV show in the process.  She has given Gabe the brilliant idea of a cookery show talent contest and he wants her in it.  Charlie agrees, seeing it as a way to earn some money for herself after her family and fiance cut off all  access to her funds.

As the story unfolds Charlie and Gabe grow close and attracted to one another.  Throwing a spanner into the works is a spoiled actress ready to dish the dirt on Charlie’s true identity when she realises who she is.  Charlie manages to win the audience over, just in the nick of time, but has she lost Gabe forever?

A really good story line that keeps the reader gripped.  Very modern and current and in touch with today’s audiences.  A joy to read.

10/10  Would definitely recommend this read.  A must for all lovers of this genre.

Yours At Midnight.

Yours At Midnight is a romantic novel about Lyric Whetstone and Quinn Sobel.  It is a lovely, gentle tale of love and regret and finding love again.  It follows the usual format of this genre.  It is written by Robin Bielman and published by Entangled Publishing LLC.

My view on the book:

The first thing that struck me when I began reading this book was the very odd name of the heroine – Lyric.  Putting that aside I delved into the book and enjoyed reading it.  The story was set in the period of time between Christmas and New Year – I could picture the family during this time in my mind’s eye as I read the book.  Some books that are set during the festive period can get too caught up in the whole Christmas thing, and there isn’t enough story, but this book was not guilty of that.

Lyric has a secret and she also has feelings for Quinn.  Quinn also has feelings for her and we get his point of view throughout the book, which I loved.  I felt it was a nice touch, it helped move the story along for the reader to have Quinn’s point of view and not just Lyric’s.

There is a love triangle throughout the storyline and it creates a really good conflict throughout.  The reader obviously knows the guy is going to get the girl, but it’s all about the journey they take to get there and some books are pretty flat, this one created just the right amount of conflict for a couple who were so obviously besotted with one another.

One thing that did surprise me was how late in the book it was before Lyric’s secret was out.  Usually with this sort of thing the secret is out pretty early on and the story moves along quite nicely on the back of this.  That said, this story manages just fine without having the secret revealed early on.  It does give the story a different feel, which is good.

Overall, this book was a good read.  Not the sort of book one would read unless they were interested in romance novels, but for fans of the genre a pretty satisfying read.  On a scale out of ten, I am giving this book 8/10.  A nice modern feel to it makes it a pleasing read.  The love triangle keeps the conflict going right until the end, and Lyric’s secret remaining intact helps too.  Having Quinn’s point of view also keeps the reader engaged.
The only disappointment I have, is that once Lyric’s secret is out there just wasn’t enough conflict over it for my liking.  I felt that with a little more conflict over what is revealed the book would have gone from a pleasing read, to a rivoting read.

Recommended for all lovers of this genre.

Brilliant Book Of Calm

Brilliant Book Of Calm: Down To Earth Ideas For Finding Inner Peace In A Chaotic World (52 Brilliant Ideas)  – Author – Tania Ahsan.

My version was free on kindle.

I love self help books, but I have to admit that I rarely follow up on the advice that they give.  The moment I started reading this I actually began to jot down a few of her ideas.  One of my favourites was to have a no news day.  I have been struggling with positivity for some time now and even when I am doing my best to get a grip on it I would find that the news depressed me.  I have a habit of putting the TV on and switching a news channel, muting it, but leaving it on in the background while I go about my business.  Even with no sound the images can be very graphic and play on our emotions, bringing our moods down.  So the idea of a news ban – even if for just one day – was very appealing to me.  I decided to go with a Sunday, initially, as that is the day we do not get a local paper here – I am extremely nosy and did not think I could get by without reading up on what was happening in my local area.
I have to admit this has worked so well for me that I often never put the TV on now unless I am prepared to watch it.  If I feel I need it on, I either have a music channel on very low or will have a sports news channel on – I know it’s news but it is nowhere near as depressing as death, destruction, disease being broadcast at you 24/7.

Another thing that I really loved about this book is the way the author does not take herself too seriously.  I often read self help books and feel as though some of the authors are talking at you rather than giving you tips on how to manage your life.  Tania Ahsan made everything sound such fun and easy to do that I felt compelled to try her tips and ideas out immediately.  I did not feel like a naughty child being scolded, the book came across like a conversation with a good friend, and for me that is the type of self help bok that will kick me into action.

After each tip Tania follows up with “Here’s an idea for you”  which is a way to bring that tip into being for yourself.  This in turn is followed up by a “defining idea” which is a quote that a famous person has said, and then finally, that is followed up by a question and answer relating to that particular tip; where people have struggled to follow her advice and she gives a different viewpoint on the tip, or on how the person has tried to go about incorporating that tip.

The entire book is so laid back and relaxed you almost forget it is self help.  It feels friendly and approachable and is free on kindle right now, so what more could you ask for?  This is one self help book I have thoroughly enjoyed and am having no problem with the ideas and tips on how to improve my life.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and cannot recommend it enough. 

A must read!

***** 5 star read!

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Hi, my name is Sue and one of my passions is reading.  I adore books, whether they be real, hard – and paperback – copies, or whether they be on my ereaders.  I have so many books I could probably set up my own library, or bookstore!

So what do I read?

I do have a fondness for romantic stuff – I am a Taurean after all and us Taureans are ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love!  It’s only natural, therefore, that I love all things romance related.  I read Mills And Boon/Harlequin books, I read any chick lit/rom-com type of books.  I also read a lot of self-help books as I am quite a spiritual person and am always looking at ways to improve my life.

I do not like violent books and am not crazy about Zombies – never actually understood the attraction there!

I adored the Twilight Saga – both in print and on the big screen – though I am pretty squeamish.  I think what appealed to me with this series was the whole romance theme that was going on, not so much the Vampires, and who can resist Edward’s charm?

Anyway, I want to use this blog as a platform for my book reviewing.  I did start doing reviews over on my other blog, but having a blog dedicated to reviewing seemed to make more sense for me.  Reviewing is a relatively new venture for me, I sort of stumbled upon it through an online friend, and I thought I would give it a whirl.
My reviews will be my personal take on what I have read, not everyone is going to agree with what I have written.  But, I think feedback is important, even if it isn’t a professional review, so no hauling me over the coals if what I write is not up to the same standard as the latest Literary Guide!


Last  night I had a really odd dream – this is nothing new I hasten to add.  The dream centred around a woman I have had a difficult relationship with; we were friends for a while and then all of a sudden she started acting off with me.  I would say we are OK – ish – now, so for the dream to have occurred left me quite startled.

In my dream she was sat dead centre on a bed.  She was wearing white leggings and either a long black tunic with a sleeveless top, or a sleeveless top, a black t.shirt and a short black skirt, I really couldn’t tell.  I entered her room – you know how it is with dreams, you instinctively know something to be true  – and she turned to look at me, smiling a wonderfully, warm and welcoming smile.
What was odd though, was her hair was cropped and it was dark.  Now I am not entirely sure what her natural hair colour is, I do believe it is the shade she was in my dream.  In all the time I have known her she has always had her hair dyed different colours.  That her hair was her natural colour was not what came across as odd to me though.  What made me think “oh, that was odd”  when I woke up was that this woman was very natural, her hair colour, her very short hair, her clothing was “normal” compared to what she usually wears and her entire demeanor.  She does dress a lot differently, her hair is long and a different colour and how she acts is very different to the dream her.

My gut instinct on this is that my dream vision of her was showing me the real her.  The feeling I had was that she is so different to who she portrays herself to be and only those closest to her get to see this version of her.  The version of her I saw in my dream radiated peace and love and an inner beauty.  I think I needed to see this version of her, or at least be made aware of it as I have had a pretty hard slog with her, she can be difficult at the best of times.
According to sources, this dream is symbolising the real her and suggesting she is a beautifully warm and loyal person.  Perhaps I need reminding of that for some reason and I would like to think that the  next time I bump into her and she is being crabby I am not witnessing the real her.

First week all but done.

Having had a really awful couple of years I have been striving for some lightness in my life. Life is still determined to throw obstacles up and one in particular is vey emotionally draining. However, I started this year determined to take a different view on my life and world around me and have been all out embracing positivity.

The first week of the new year is all but done and I am relieved to say I have survived with my positivity in check.
Normally I have what my kids call a meh at this point in the year; the festivities are over, the magical time is over and here in Northern England it is dull and grey, either raining or just grey clouds every day. The world around me can feel very depressing, often lending to the feelings of woe that can go hand in hand with the first few weeks of the new year.
But I’ve survived with my sanity and humour intact and despite the niggling situations, I remain determined to stay positive.

Here’s to more positivity and light.