First week all but done.

Having had a really awful couple of years I have been striving for some lightness in my life. Life is still determined to throw obstacles up and one in particular is vey emotionally draining. However, I started this year determined to take a different view on my life and world around me and have been all out embracing positivity.

The first week of the new year is all but done and I am relieved to say I have survived with my positivity in check.
Normally I have what my kids call a meh at this point in the year; the festivities are over, the magical time is over and here in Northern England it is dull and grey, either raining or just grey clouds every day. The world around me can feel very depressing, often lending to the feelings of woe that can go hand in hand with the first few weeks of the new year.
But I’ve survived with my sanity and humour intact and despite the niggling situations, I remain determined to stay positive.

Here’s to more positivity and light.