Last  night I had a really odd dream – this is nothing new I hasten to add.  The dream centred around a woman I have had a difficult relationship with; we were friends for a while and then all of a sudden she started acting off with me.  I would say we are OK – ish – now, so for the dream to have occurred left me quite startled.

In my dream she was sat dead centre on a bed.  She was wearing white leggings and either a long black tunic with a sleeveless top, or a sleeveless top, a black t.shirt and a short black skirt, I really couldn’t tell.  I entered her room – you know how it is with dreams, you instinctively know something to be true  – and she turned to look at me, smiling a wonderfully, warm and welcoming smile.
What was odd though, was her hair was cropped and it was dark.  Now I am not entirely sure what her natural hair colour is, I do believe it is the shade she was in my dream.  In all the time I have known her she has always had her hair dyed different colours.  That her hair was her natural colour was not what came across as odd to me though.  What made me think “oh, that was odd”  when I woke up was that this woman was very natural, her hair colour, her very short hair, her clothing was “normal” compared to what she usually wears and her entire demeanor.  She does dress a lot differently, her hair is long and a different colour and how she acts is very different to the dream her.

My gut instinct on this is that my dream vision of her was showing me the real her.  The feeling I had was that she is so different to who she portrays herself to be and only those closest to her get to see this version of her.  The version of her I saw in my dream radiated peace and love and an inner beauty.  I think I needed to see this version of her, or at least be made aware of it as I have had a pretty hard slog with her, she can be difficult at the best of times.
According to sources, this dream is symbolising the real her and suggesting she is a beautifully warm and loyal person.  Perhaps I need reminding of that for some reason and I would like to think that the  next time I bump into her and she is being crabby I am not witnessing the real her.

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