Review of Seducing The Secret Heiress.

Seducing The Secret Heiress is a Romantic Novel by Jennifer St. George.  The book is published by Penguin Books Australia, Destiny Romance.

Charlotte Wentworth has fled her home after discovering her fiance cheating on her.  She winds up in Italy, where she rescues a little girl from the sea.  The uncle of the girl is so grateful to her that he asks her to stay with them when it emerges that Charlotte’s solitary backpack has been nabbed from the beach, whilst saving the young girl’s life.  Not wanting to reveal her true, and famous identity, Charlotte calls herself Charlie Brown.

From pretty diamond heiress to sassy reality show contestant, Charlie learns to stand on her own two feet, wowing the audiences of a reality TV show in the process.  She has given Gabe the brilliant idea of a cookery show talent contest and he wants her in it.  Charlie agrees, seeing it as a way to earn some money for herself after her family and fiance cut off all  access to her funds.

As the story unfolds Charlie and Gabe grow close and attracted to one another.  Throwing a spanner into the works is a spoiled actress ready to dish the dirt on Charlie’s true identity when she realises who she is.  Charlie manages to win the audience over, just in the nick of time, but has she lost Gabe forever?

A really good story line that keeps the reader gripped.  Very modern and current and in touch with today’s audiences.  A joy to read.

10/10  Would definitely recommend this read.  A must for all lovers of this genre.

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