Always listen to intuition.

You would think I would know to listen to my intuition, right? Lately, I’ve been undecided about lots of things, too many to list. Some decisions have been made because quite frankly it was common sense to take that particular course. Others I have wrestled with, mulling everything over until I’m half crazy thinking about it.
One decision on particular that I wrestled with only recently presented itself clearly a few days ago. I’d wrestled so hard to come to any conclusion about this particular circumstance, even had an inner voice prompting me which way to go. In the end I just let it all go and did nothing. I was so uncertain that I actually gave up. But it would seem that actually helped me because doing nothing allowed a chain of events to play out before my very eyes and show me exactly how things are and how they would have been if I’d become involved.
I don’t particularly like indecision but this time round it saved my bacon, so to speak. I only wished I’d listened to that inner voice, because then I wouldn’t have spent the last few months fretting about not doing anything.

I guess you could say my indecision was more of an action than non action, because it helped show me I was doing the right thing all along.
I know one thing though, next time my own inner voice speaks, I’m going to listen.

The Love OF My (Other) Life.

The Love Of My (Other) Life by Traci L Slatton.

The Love of My (Other) Life 

I requested this book from NetGalley as it combines two passions of mine – and romance. 

Tessa is a struggling artist who helps out with the elderly care programme at her local church. She should get paid for this, but the church are lacking in funds and Tessa feels very strongly that this is something she should do, regardless of whether she gets paid or not.

Brian is a professor from an alternative universe. He has traveled to this universe via a decoherence device that he invented as he wanted to see Tessa. Tessa is his wife in the parallel universe.

At first Tessa thinks Brian is a crazy, homeless guy who is stalking her, especially when he he produces a photograph of the two of them on their wedding day. Also in that picture is Tessa’s best friend, Offee. Offee is out of the country on a yoga retreat and when Tessa rings him up to ask about Brian he tells her that he knows who she means, claiming he is a crazy professor who had a breakdown after stalking a woman he was obsessed with. This alarms Tessa and she challenges Brian about this. He kisses her and she feels a spark of something between them, so instead of giving him a wide berth she starts a fling with him.

Tessa and Brian embark on a whirlwind adventure of art theft, becoming unlikely celebs on youtube, a run in with a very shady criminal which results in Tessa getting arrested. Whislt in custody Tessa meets three prostitutes who have also been arrested and they give her lots of advice, some of which she takes later on. She also negotiates her own release, a new career and a sting operation that captures the shady criminal.

Eventually Brian has to leave, by which time Tessa has become very fond of him. She doesn’t want him to go but he tells her he must and asks her to live her life.
Once he has gone Tessa begins to enjoy her new career and the new life she has craved out for herself. She even plucks up the courage to approach the Brian from her own universe to ask him out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

**** 4 stars.

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Review of Big Booty.

Big Booty a novel by Cairo.

I should have suspected this book was going to be full of over the top sex scenes when I read the title and the synopsis.  Having read Fifty Shades last year and other such novels I didn’t think it could be any worse than that.
I wouldn’t say it was a bad novel, I just couldn’t take it seriously.  But then I don’t actually think I was supposed to.  The main character, Cass, or Booty, was just ridiculous.  I kept on muttering away to myself at how stupid and awful and downright nasty Cass is, but then she would do something that made me think, “OK, maybe she isn’t so bad.”
In the write up the book gets described as being like an episode of Jeremy Kyle.  I’d say Jeremy Kyle meets Oprah meets The Osbournes!!!!!  I was determined that I couldn’t say a positive thing about this book, but then a plot twist grabbed me by the throat and almost choked me half to death!!!!
All I am going to say is, bring on the sequel.
If you like your characters trashy then this book is a must read.  You will laugh yourself silly at them all, with their ghetto talk.  And the huge amounts of sex scenes really can’t be taken that seriously, surely?
It’s quite a long book and you may be rolling your eyes with all of the trashy characters and over the top sex by the end of it, but I have to say you really do need to stick with it, because you will be wanting more by the end – not glad to see the back of it like I expected to be!!!!!

**** 4 stars because I did laugh quite a lot and loved the cliff hanger!

You can buy it here

Review of The Cat Whisperer.

The Cat Whisperer: Why Do Cats Do What They Do – And How To Get Them To Do What You Want.

Author – Mieshelle Nagelschneider.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started reading this book, but as a cat lover I felt it was a must read. There are plenty of great tips and so much advice for us cat owners that it is difficult to pinpoint what I loved best.

I have to say I did not always agree with what the author had written on the subject, having been a cat owner all of my life I have found some techniques work brilliantly well, whereas the author definitely would never recommend them. But given her extensive research into this subject matter I would never say she is wrong, just that we have differing opinions.

I would highly recommend this book if you have never had a cat, or if you have a cat with problems. The advice contained within it will undoubtedly save you a lot of hard work and possibly heartache. This book is also an invaluable read for any cat lover out there, helping you to understand your feline friend a lot better and maybe even see the world through her eyes.


**** – 4 stars
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Sure review

I have started to use/review the new sure deodorant.  It comes in a new compact sized tin, lasts as long as a regular sized tin but with less packing.  So far I am pleased with the product, still smells as good and still keeps me fresh for as long as the regular sized tin did.

The trick is in the nozzle.  It sprays out less gas and more deodorant.  The tin is around the size of a body spray, most of us carry these around with us in our handbags already and now you can fit your deodorant in there too.

It’s still early days in the tryout so be sure to check back for more updates on this exciting product.

Review of Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit.

Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit is a self help book written by Karen Horneffer – Gunter, Ph.D  and published by Hay House.

Right from the very start of this book I was questioning aspects of my life, which can only be a good thing.  The book takes a flexible approach to the “tools” discussed, allowing the reader to dip into it where they need it most.

The author pinpoints six key shifts and discusses each at length.  The aim is to bring balance into our busy lives in all areas, whether that be work, play, rest, enlightenment and so on.  We are asked to question aspects of ourselves to help bring about positive change within our lives.

The author uses her own life and case histories from her psychology practice to get her point across, giving good examples of how we can achieve the change we seek.  This allows the reader to identify their problems with those who have faced similar problems in life.  It helps, in my opinion, to show that an answer can be sought and all is not lost.
At the end of each section there are plenty of practical things to do, helping the reader put into practice what they are learning and discovering about themselves.

I have read many self help books and found plenty of them to be lacking.  This book is a good source of help upon the road to achieving balance within our overloaded, hectic lives.  If you have tried self help books and found them to be lacking, then I recommend you read this one, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found out a few things about myself that I wasn’t aware of.  It helped to answer a lot of questions I had been asking myself of late.

Definitely recommend and well worth a read.

Five stars.

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Review of Wild At Heart.

Wild At Heart is a romance novel by Charmaine Ross and published by Penguin Books Australia.

Victoria Price, a park ranger in the Australian outback, is like a female crocodile Dundee.  Dan Masters is a TV producer and definitely not at home in the outback.  Whilst filming a documentary Dan and his crew come into difficulty and Victoria has to save him from the jaws of a crocodile.
Dan is impressed by Victoria’s skills and knowledge of nature and the area and he wants her in his documentary.

Wild At Heart is an action packed romance novel, I loved the wildlife facts that were such an integral part of the story.  The romance side of the story was quite gentle, which I think suited the story better than if they had engaged in a mad, passionate affair.  The balance was just right, I felt.

Overall a pleasing read for lovers of this genre.