Review of Wild At Heart.

Wild At Heart is a romance novel by Charmaine Ross and published by Penguin Books Australia.

Victoria Price, a park ranger in the Australian outback, is like a female crocodile Dundee.  Dan Masters is a TV producer and definitely not at home in the outback.  Whilst filming a documentary Dan and his crew come into difficulty and Victoria has to save him from the jaws of a crocodile.
Dan is impressed by Victoria’s skills and knowledge of nature and the area and he wants her in his documentary.

Wild At Heart is an action packed romance novel, I loved the wildlife facts that were such an integral part of the story.  The romance side of the story was quite gentle, which I think suited the story better than if they had engaged in a mad, passionate affair.  The balance was just right, I felt.

Overall a pleasing read for lovers of this genre.