Review of Big Booty.

Big Booty a novel by Cairo.

I should have suspected this book was going to be full of over the top sex scenes when I read the title and the synopsis.  Having read Fifty Shades last year and other such novels I didn’t think it could be any worse than that.
I wouldn’t say it was a bad novel, I just couldn’t take it seriously.  But then I don’t actually think I was supposed to.  The main character, Cass, or Booty, was just ridiculous.  I kept on muttering away to myself at how stupid and awful and downright nasty Cass is, but then she would do something that made me think, “OK, maybe she isn’t so bad.”
In the write up the book gets described as being like an episode of Jeremy Kyle.  I’d say Jeremy Kyle meets Oprah meets The Osbournes!!!!!  I was determined that I couldn’t say a positive thing about this book, but then a plot twist grabbed me by the throat and almost choked me half to death!!!!
All I am going to say is, bring on the sequel.
If you like your characters trashy then this book is a must read.  You will laugh yourself silly at them all, with their ghetto talk.  And the huge amounts of sex scenes really can’t be taken that seriously, surely?
It’s quite a long book and you may be rolling your eyes with all of the trashy characters and over the top sex by the end of it, but I have to say you really do need to stick with it, because you will be wanting more by the end – not glad to see the back of it like I expected to be!!!!!

**** 4 stars because I did laugh quite a lot and loved the cliff hanger!

You can buy it here

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