Review of Beyond Shame.

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Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha.

Before reading this book I read through the reviews.  The book is dubbed naughty and explicit, and yes, OK, it is.  But if you have read Fifty Shades Of Grey then this book is not that much different.  Obviously the plot is different, the story is built around Noelle Cunningham, a young woman who has been kicked out of a futuristic city called Eden.  The story follows her progress from her walk of shame, to her chance meeting with Jasper McCray, her involvement with Lex – a character who made me think of Nancy from Oliver Twist, and Dallas O’Kane, gang leader of the O’Kane gang in Sector Four.

I have to say I was very disappointed with the end of the book, obviously there is to be a sequel so hopefully that is going to tie up the loose ends created towards the end of this book.
Overall it is a fairly decent read, given the amount of sex in it.  But, if you have already familiarised yourself with this genre then you aren’t going to be too shocked by the contents of this book.
I couldn’t decide on the main character – Noelle – at first; she seemed quite an oddity, but the further you get into the book she does start to make sense.

Despite huge sections relating to sexual encounters and BDSM there is a pretty good plot that grips the reader.  There are quite a lot of unanswered questions and I am hoping the sequel is going to deal with those.  This first installment barely scratches the surface of the world that the O’Kane gang inhabit, but you do find yourself wanting more of the story as you read through it.

Sometimes books in this genre are ruined by such explicit content, but this book relies heavily on it and it does add weight to the storyline.  I think without it the plot would be a lot poorer.

Enjoyable read.  **** 4 stars.

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