Review Of The Border Laird’s Bride.

I am not overly fond of historical novels, the characters tend to get on my nerves, so it is has been a long time since I actually read anything from this genre.  I have to hold my hand up and say how wrong I was in this instance.  The main female character, Kenzie, was as far from the usual swooning, genteel ladies of this genre.  Her character could have been set in any era and that pleased me.

The main male character, Jamie, was not the typical “I am the male and therefore you will do as I say” character that this genre usually produces, but I wondered if I could warm to him, being a laird.  I half expected him to be full of his own self importance, given his position, yet he was not like that at all.  He was a kind man and I warmed to him almost immediately.

If all novels in this genre could be written in such a way then I would definitely read more of them.  Full marks to the author for writing such a pleasing piece.

Rated 5 stars.  *****

Review of Second Chance

Second Chance by Carla Caruso, Kindle version

I loved this book from start to finish.  The main character, Flora, was pretty likeable, although I did want to shake her a few times when she was swooning after Ruben.  There were plenty of comparisons to life now and life in the mid nineties, and I couldn’t help but marvel at how far we have come in terms of technology.  It would be pretty cool if we could all go back and right a wrong turning we took in life!!!

Rated 4 stars ****