About my reviews.

My name is Sue and I review. I review anything from books to deodorants, to cosmetics and so on. I share my experiences with the products and what I have read, and whilst some people may not find my posts professional this does not worry me. I am not reviewing as a professional critic, I am reviewing as a normal person, just like you! Some reviewers will pay lip service about the product they are reviewing, but that isn’t giving us, the consumer, the real deal. Some reviewers – especially those who review books – are far too critical, they are journalists, or writers and they believe that everything should be written in perfect language. That’s fine for some books, but others benefit from having a relaxed style of writing, drawing in readers from all walks of life – not just those who have a degree in English!

When it comes to blogging about my passions I like to keep my style relaxed. It is a hobby, is it not? I am having a discussion, of sorts, with you the reader. I have read blogs that are written “properly” and they definitely have their place. But I believe that a relaxed writing style also has it’s place, especially in our modern and fast paced society.
When I am blogging about my experinces with products, or on my thoughts on a book I have just read, I want to speak from the heart, not feel like I am writing a dissertation!
There is a time and a place for a formal style of writing and a time and a place for a more relaxed style. I believe I can express myself more freely if I write in the relaxed style.

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