Review of The Five Acts Of Diego Leon


At the very beginning of this book there was a lot of village superstition from the young Diego’s great Aunt, and I expected the book to go with that kind of theme.  Much to my surprise it did not.  Instead the book delves into the personal life of the main character, Diego.  How he struggles in his impoverished life in a village in Mexico during the Mexican revolution.

The book is divided up into five acts – five main parts of Diego’s life – with the first part dealing with his early life in the village.  then he goes to live with his Mother’s parents – Grandparents he never knew – from the age of 12 and they make him lie about who his father is, as they are ashamed to let their well to do friends know that their daughter married a peasant.

It is during his time with his grandparents that he discovers he has a talent for singing, dancing and acting.  A friend of his Grandmother schools him in the art of singing and dancing and she becomes a confidant of his.

His life seems to be set in stone, especially when he leaves school and starts working in his Grandfather’s law firm.  He is paired up with the daughter of one of his Grandfather’s business associates and they become engaged.  But Diego has had feelings for his male friend for quite some time and he is not entirely sure he wants to get married.  On the morning of the wedding he leaves the security of his well to do life in Mexico and heads for America.

Once he arrives in america he sets about trying to establish himself as a movie star in the new talking movies.  He struggles for a long while until one day he cheats his way into a role and from then on he begins to establish himself with the powers that be in the studio he has signed up to.

The story moves along at really steady and progressive stage.  It is beautifully written and interesting characters leave you wanting to know what is going to happen next.  My only disappointment in the story is at the very end, I thought things were going to turn out differently for Diego and was pretty disappointed they didn’t.

Overall I give this book 5 stars *****


Freedom of speech.

In the past couple of weeks I have stayed off social media sites; well, actually I have refrained from posting a lot.  I am sick to the back teeth of people taking anything I say as an excuse to come and be idiotic with me.  And when I say idiotic I mean people who never speak to me on such sites getting bitchy with me because I have dared to voice my opinion on something.  The same people regularly cause a stir on their own profiles by talking a load of trash, yet I manage to ignore them.

My daughter is having a similar problem on FB.  People who rarely, if ever, speak to her are making bitchy comments when she shares a joke, or says something.  What is the crack with people nowadays?  Why come onto someone’s status and turn it into a huge debate/argument/bitchfest when you normally have SFA to do with us?  It is getting beyond ridiculous.  In other words, they are having their say on their own profiles but also wanting to enforce their crap on us – and I guess this happens to countless people the world over.

Tonight we have witnessed atrocities in Boston and people are showing their support on the social media sites by spreading love and lighting candles etc.  Yet a small minority are trying to hijack this outpouring of grief and support and calling people hypocrites because they may support their country’s military personnel and they are at risk of bombs exploding.  

Do people never get tired of trying to be utter gits?

Tragedy is not a competition.  Tragedy is a time when we humans should all band together and show our support and strength and love to those who need it.  We should not be comparing what tragedy is worse – any tragedy is horrific for those involved and we should never try to lessen that.

At times I feel so utterly ashamed of some of the human race.  Their aim in life is to hurt, maim, silence, control.  But then the coming together of us good, decent folks reminds me that it is not everyone who is a despicable horror.

May those affected by the Boston tragedy feel the love and support of those of us who are sending our love and support and strength their way.  May the families of the dead feel our support and may the dead rest in peace.

Review of Sleeping In Eden.

When I started reading this book I could not understand what the link between Lucas and Meg was.  I had decided upon so many different outcomes that when I read the part of the book where it becomes obvious I could not be anymore shocked.In hindsight, it is pretty obvious what the link is between the two characters though.The story alternates between the life of Lucas Hudson and Meg Painter.  It is quite clear from the outset that Lucas is living in modern times, but it took me a while to realise what time period Meg was from and I was quite shocked that it wasn’t as far back as I had initially thought.Lucas, a doctor, is called out to act as coroner/medical examiner when local alcoholic and recluse, Jim Sparks, is found hanged in his barn.  Whilst in the barn with the police Lucas discovers another body, the remains of what appears to be a young woman.  Lucas is so shocked by this discovery that he is not thinking clearly.  He sits down on a crate at the other end of the barn and discovers a suicide note and a ring.  He hands over the suicide note, but, believing that the remains belong to Angela, Jim’s daughter who went missing eight years earlier, he decides to keep the ring to give to his wife Jenna.  Lucas and Jenna are going through a difficult patch, in part due to the strain on their relationship that Angela had placed upon them.  Jenna is a social worker and it was not long after Lucas and Jenna arrived in Black Hawk that they befriended Angela and tried their utmost to help her.Meg is a typical tomboy and becomes friendly with the new boy in town, Dylan.  She becomes known as one of the cool kids because of her reputation for being daring – she is an adrenaline junkie.  After a year or so it dawns on Meg that she has romantic feelings for Dylan, but they are just friends and don’t really hang out at school.  After Dylan’s involvement in a school play and his obvious interest with one of the girl’s in the play, Meg withdraws from him.  It is at this time when her neighbour, Jess, starts to show an interest in her and invites her to become part of his band.  After the first night they kiss and become an item, but Meg still has feelings for Dylan.Lucas and Jenna re relieved when Angela Sparks turns up alive, but the mystery deepens, because if it wasn’t Angela buried underneath the barn, then who was it?The story deals with the difficult relationship between Lucas and Angela – who, unbeknown to Jenna had made a pass at Lucas before she disappeared.  It also deals with Meg’s life, up until a crucial moment.  It is at this crucial moment that the two different stories merge and everything starts to make sense, tying all the loose ends up.A good read and I would definitely recommend it.**** 4 stars.

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