Freedom of speech.

In the past couple of weeks I have stayed off social media sites; well, actually I have refrained from posting a lot.  I am sick to the back teeth of people taking anything I say as an excuse to come and be idiotic with me.  And when I say idiotic I mean people who never speak to me on such sites getting bitchy with me because I have dared to voice my opinion on something.  The same people regularly cause a stir on their own profiles by talking a load of trash, yet I manage to ignore them.

My daughter is having a similar problem on FB.  People who rarely, if ever, speak to her are making bitchy comments when she shares a joke, or says something.  What is the crack with people nowadays?  Why come onto someone’s status and turn it into a huge debate/argument/bitchfest when you normally have SFA to do with us?  It is getting beyond ridiculous.  In other words, they are having their say on their own profiles but also wanting to enforce their crap on us – and I guess this happens to countless people the world over.

Tonight we have witnessed atrocities in Boston and people are showing their support on the social media sites by spreading love and lighting candles etc.  Yet a small minority are trying to hijack this outpouring of grief and support and calling people hypocrites because they may support their country’s military personnel and they are at risk of bombs exploding.  

Do people never get tired of trying to be utter gits?

Tragedy is not a competition.  Tragedy is a time when we humans should all band together and show our support and strength and love to those who need it.  We should not be comparing what tragedy is worse – any tragedy is horrific for those involved and we should never try to lessen that.

At times I feel so utterly ashamed of some of the human race.  Their aim in life is to hurt, maim, silence, control.  But then the coming together of us good, decent folks reminds me that it is not everyone who is a despicable horror.

May those affected by the Boston tragedy feel the love and support of those of us who are sending our love and support and strength their way.  May the families of the dead feel our support and may the dead rest in peace.

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