Review Of One Sunday

One Sunday by Carrie Gerlach Cecil.


It was only after I had requested to read this book for review did I realise it was about one woman’s troubled that lead her to rediscover her faith in God.  I am not a Christian, I do not believe in God at all.  I really didn’t think I would enjoy any part of this book, but I challenged myself to read it and expected it to be just awful.

However, the main bulk of the book is very enjoyable – if you believe in god etc you will probably enjoy all of this book – it is fun, witty, entertaining and well written.  It jumps back and forth telling us the story of the life of Alice Ferguson.  It is pretty gripping in quite a few parts and you do forget that it is leading up to the grand finale of the main character being born again.

I, as a non believer, have a huge problem accepting what is being said about Jesus and God.  I do not accept that as the truth, but I do accept that people who believe in Jesus and God will accept this as the truth and for me that is what makes the story more believable.  I believe that people do experience situations like that when they rediscover their faith and that is their personal choice.

Overall I enjoyed the book, reading about Alice’s struggles with herself after the death of her mother and then her father.  It is easy to see why her life spirals out of control and it is easy to see why she feels she needs salvation.  The very end of the book, the bit where there is so much God preaching going on, spoiled my overall enjoyment of the book.  It did feel totally over the top, but perhaps for a believer it may feel just right.

3 star rating *** but I will say only read it if you can swallow the intense religious message that overtakes the story right at the end.

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