Review of The Trouble With Valentine’s

The Trouble with Valentine's by Kelly Hunter


Hallie works in a shoe shop in Chelsea, London. Nick stops by with his mother on Valentine’s day. They have an instant rapport and Nick propositions Hallie to be his pretend wife for a week whilst he is on a business trip to Hong Kong. 

The last time Nick had dealt with this particular associate his daughter had tried to seduce him. Nick had not wanted to offend her or his business associate, so he had told the young woman he was married. Now he was about to embark on yet another business trip to John Tey’s house in Hong King and he needed a wife, pronto!

Hallie captures the hearts of all who meet her, including Nick. He wants a nice smooth business transaction between himself and Hallie whilst he ties up the business arrangement with John Tey. What he hasn’t planned for is falling head over heels with his pretend wife.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable book from start to finish. I love romantic novels and yes, even those very cliched romantic novels. This book was full of fun and wit fro start to finish. The characters were believable, the plot was good and strong. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves reading this genre. 

5 star read *****

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