Talkin Tarn.

Talkin Tarn is a country park nine miles east of Carlisle.  It has a 65 acre lake and is hive of activity, whether it be people out for a stroll, anglers, canoeists, bird watchers, there is certainly plenty to do.  There are amenities too; toilets, a tea room, a gift shop, changing area for those who partake in the sports on the lake.

The walk around the lake’s perimeter is said to be 1.3 miles and is accessible to wheelchairs, pushchairs/prams etc.  It is a pleasant walk that allows you to take as long as you need to get round, with plenty to see as you make your way around the lake.



Long Meg Stone Circle

We visited Long Meg stone circle at Litha.  I love going to this circle, it has a familiar feel to it, not entirely sure what mind you.  Folklore says that you cannot count the same amount of standing stones each time you count them – but every time I have counted them I have gotten the exact same number – 69 stones.  Apparently, so the legend goes, the stones are a coven of witches who were celebrating a sabbat, when a saint or magician came along and turned them all into stone.  I think most stone circles have a similar legend attached to them, to be fair, lots of superstition surrounding them that gives rise to weird and wonderful stories.  

For us this was a lovely afternoon out.



Out and about.

I never meant to get so off from blogging, but life happens and you know how things get.  My daughter has had her baby – Sienna, she’s now 5 weeks old.  My eldest daughter split up with her long term boyfriend, so she has moved back here.

To sort of remove her focus from the break-up we decided to have girls days out; me, my two daughters and my granddaughter.  It hasn’t been anything elaborate, just local and fun.

The first week we went to a stone circle nearby – Long Meg and Her Daughters which is situated in a place called Little Salkeld in Cumbria.  The second week was wet and pretty dismal, so we went to two different local garden centres.  We didn’t buy anything, just browsed, took a few pics, went and had coffee, basically chilling out.

This week we went to a place called Talkin Tarn.  I have never been to this before – ever – and it is only around ten miles from where we live.  I have no idea why I have never been, so that was why I agreed to go there today.

Friday is now officially Girls Day Out for this family!