Out and about.

I never meant to get so off from blogging, but life happens and you know how things get.  My daughter has had her baby – Sienna, she’s now 5 weeks old.  My eldest daughter split up with her long term boyfriend, so she has moved back here.

To sort of remove her focus from the break-up we decided to have girls days out; me, my two daughters and my granddaughter.  It hasn’t been anything elaborate, just local and fun.

The first week we went to a stone circle nearby – Long Meg and Her Daughters which is situated in a place called Little Salkeld in Cumbria.  The second week was wet and pretty dismal, so we went to two different local garden centres.  We didn’t buy anything, just browsed, took a few pics, went and had coffee, basically chilling out.

This week we went to a place called Talkin Tarn.  I have never been to this before – ever – and it is only around ten miles from where we live.  I have no idea why I have never been, so that was why I agreed to go there today.

Friday is now officially Girls Day Out for this family!

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