Review Of Kiss River

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It was only after I had started reading this story that I realised there was actually a prequel.  That said, if you do not read the first book in the series you won’t be missing out on anything really.  The book is typical romance genre, but perhaps not as sugary.

It follows Gina on her journey to Kiss River and her subsequent fight to raise the lens of an old lighthouse from the sea.  Gina has a secret as to why she wants the lens raised so badly, but she is keeping that under wraps.  Pretty early on she befriends the occupants of the house beside the lighthouse – a brother and sister – becoming romantically involved with the brother.  We find out Gina’s secret around the middle of the book and I think this really surprised me, it certainly was not what I expected it to be.

The book jumps back and forth from the present day to the 1940’s, wartime in the USA.  This part of the book acts like a diary from this era and the author of the diary has an intriguing secret too.

The book was a decent enough read, despite not having read the first in the series I did not feel there were gaps in the story that would have been filled had I read the prequel.  The author keeps the suspense going right through the book, which is always good, and I felt quite satisfied with the conclusion.


I will give this book 4 stars.  ****