My first Shamanic journey.

I have just come back home from a wonderful evening.  I am part of a drum circle, Wild Heart Beat Drum Circle.  We meet on the second Friday of every month at a local community centre near to where I live.  One of the lovely ladies who runs the drum circle was offering to form a sister group, for want of a better name, specifically for Shamanic journeying – the Wildling Circle.

We met tonight for the first time.

Nicola, the lovely lady who was taking us on our journey, explained a lot about what journeying is all about and taught us how to protect and shield ourselves.  Oh, prior to this we had performed a round of drumming to get ourselves ready!  Once we had grounded, protected and shielded ourselves we called in the spirits and so on and then began our journey.  I have to say I expected my journey to be like the many meditations I have undergone and the past life journey I did many years ago.  

Oh boy, was I wrong!

I began my journey by entering a favourite tree.  This tree is an evergreen that is situated behind my house and one in which I use when I am meditating.  After entering the tree I began to journey down to the lower world and had been told earlier that I would eventually see a light.  I expected to see a bright, white light and then enter a meadow, or a field as this is what usually happens when I am doing my own meditations.  After what felt like an age I saw a light, kind of like what you would see if you were coming to the entrance of a cave – although I don’t recall being in a cave at all.  As I approached the growing light it dawned on me that I had come to some sort of opening at the top of a cliff.  At this point I still expected to find my meadow or field.  As my eyes grew accustomed to the light I felt inclined to turn my head – I am not sure which way – and became aware of a set of steps that were carved out in the cliff face.  I walked down the steps – still expecting to find my field or meadow!!

Before I continue I have to say I fully expected to come face to face with a magpie, or a tiger, or something like that.  The purpose of our journey this evening was to meet our guides and find out what they could teach us.  Given my constant association with magpies I really did expect to encounter one.

However, once I had descended the steps I found myself on a beach.  This was very unexpected and I stood about, looking around, wondering how the heck I had ended up on a beach after I had journey through a tree and downwards into the lower world!  At this point I fully expected a bird of some sort to present itself to me – a sea bird of some kind.  I remember standing on the beach, the sand was wet and I kept on thinking to myself, “oh, my feet are wet” and at the same time I was looking up into the sky – a sky I did not see, what I saw was more of a hazy brightness – searching for a bird.  Eventually I became aware of something just in front of me, so looking back down I came face to face with a bear!  My initial thought was, “a bear! at the beach!!!”  

Nicola had told us that the animal we encountered could be a one time guide, or could be a guide that would be with us for however long we needed it to be.  She had told us that if we felt we wanted to find out we could turn round three times and if the animal was still there upon each turn, then that animal was a longer term guide, rather than the one off guide.  With this in mind I began doing so and the bear was saying “come on, we don’t have time for that, hurry up.”  It would seem the bear is to be with me for a while yet!

I must stress that upon coming out of the journey I did not share everything with the group.  This was because the message was a very personal one, relating to a situation I have suddenly found myself in, but advising me of how best to act and present myself.  It is for that same reason that I am not going to relay my entire journey here either.

During the journey I had the weirdest sense of rushing along – kind of like if I were on a train, but not.  There was a whooshing sound I could hear, I am not sure if that was the rushing I felt the bear and I were doing, or if it was perhaps the sound of the far off ocean waves.  The message I was being given was very clear.  With regards to the situation I know exactly what I must do now and who I can and cannot trust, meaning the other people caught up in this situation.  Also, rather than exerting way too much energy trying to right something I should always remember that I know the truth.  The bear repeatedly said this to me, “you know the truth, that is all that matters, you know the truth.”  Then I was told that I should concentrate my efforts on a project that is beginning in the very near future for me, rather than wasting any more time and energy on this other situation.

When it was time to come back from the lower world I felt myself being whooshed back to the part of the beach where the steps in the cliff face were, running up them and back into the opening, then all of a sudden I was back at my tree.  Throughout the entire journey I was acutely aware of cold, wet sand on my feet.  My feet felt wet because of this sand.  As soon as I became aware of myself again I felt myself checking my feet, but they were really warm, not at all cold and wet!!!

I feel pretty darn good about things now, whereas earlier today I felt quite angry about what had occurred.  Normally I would carry this anger with me for sometime and perhaps harness some of that power, that anger and focus it all into a solution to the problem.  But I feel I should do as the bear says, put that situation behind me and focus my energy onto the upcoming project.  Now I have had a little while to process the situation and the journey, I know that the right thing to do is leave it in the past and move forward, onto better, more fun things.

Doing this journey now felt very right.  Not only am I ready to leave a lot of painful stuff in the past, but it is also Imbolc tomorrow, the very first stirrings of spring are in the air.  For me this always feels like a time for new beginnings, a time when we shrug off the throes of winter and start anew again.  It is also the second new moon of this month, apparently this is known as a Black Moon and it is also a supermoon – in basic terms that is when the earth and the moon are really close to each other.  Obviously my explanations of both have been very basic and have not really given enough information about either, but should anyone reading this blog wish to know more about either then searching online will yield results.  Anyway, this Black Supermoon is supposedly a brilliantly auspicious time, a great time for us gaining clarity and so forth – which I feel I have done in regards to this particular situation.  So, not only have I gained some clarity, but I have been advised on how to proceed in my life from this point onwards.

If you ever get the chance to do something like a Shamanic journey then I would highly recommend that you do it.

Go here for info on Black Moon and Super Moon:

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