Review Of Quality Candy

When I first started reading this book I was not sure I was going to enjoy it.  The reviews rated it poor and whilst that is not always the best indicator, in my opinion, as to whether a book is any good or not so I did wonder if the book was going to be any good. I have to admit this book was not the best book I have read but it certainly was not as bad as some of the reviews have made it out to be.  The book is slow in some places and you do sometimes get a sense of not knowing where the storyline is headed, but that in itself is not a bad thing.  
Personally I did not really warm to Candace to start with, although I did warm to her love interest, Ryan.  I spent the most part of the book feeling sorry for him, wondering how Candace could treat him so badly.  As the story progressed I found I actually understood what Candace was going through and realised the reason I had felt animosity towards her was more to do with stuff in my own private life than to do with the character in this book.
Candace is very broken emotionally and the story charts her battle to gain some normalcy into her life.   The story has a poignancy to it that makes you root for Candace and Ryan, hoping they get their happy ever after.  It’s wonderful when she realises that life can be good and life with a man isn’t all hearts and flowers, nor is every man going to abandon you.
I found towards the end of this book that I did enjoy reading it after all.  It  wasn’t the best I have ever read, but it certainly is not the worst either.  I think sometimes readers do not want to delve into books that are all about struggles in a person’s love life, it seems too messy or uncomfortable and maybe we might find something familiar in our own lives that we would much rather not confront.  This book is most certainly geared towards those who are fans of the romantic fiction genre.
4 stars ****

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