Soul Soothing.

We have all heard the maxim, follow your bliss. We all have those good intentions to do just that. And then life happens and we get so bogged down by the mundane chores that make up our everyday lives and our good intentions fall by the wayside. This happens more than we realise. We imagine it is only happening to ourselves and we get cross with ourselves for not being stronger, or more able to deal with a million and one things at once. It is only when we share our exasperation with other people that we realise other people are going through similar too.

I have spent countless hours getting angry with myself for not being more proactive when it comes to meditating or chilling out in a spiritualistic way. I always imagine everyone else is doing this sort of thing effortlessly and I am the inadequate one for not being able to be all things to everyone, including myself.

Whether we blame the demands on our hectic working lives, or home lives, the fact remains the same; we overstretch ourselves so much that we simply do not have the time to devote to something that will benefit us on so many levels.
After so many disappointments, mostly with myself, I was more or less forced to take time out and I realised that even five minutes of meditation was enough, sometimes, to make a difference to my well being.
It sounds kind of logical when you think about it, but how many of us have actually put that into practice?

This blog has a two fold process; the first is a way for me to keep a record. True, I could write things down and have a personal notebook to hand for this purpose, but I have a habit of mislaying this sort of thing, so this is the perfect solution for me. The second reason is for me to share anything I have found useful. This does not mean I am going to be in your face about these findings, on the contrary. I am well aware how different we all are and what works for me may not necessarily work for someone else. The idea to share is just that, to share something I have found useful. If anyone who reads this blog can find a use for what I share, then that’s great, if not then that’s OK too.

Soul soothing is a bit of a catchphrase that gets used a lot these days. In a world where life is lived at break neck speed we get very frazzled very quickly. We need to be in so many different places at once and we need to be there yesterday. When we don’t accomplish much we fret over how rubbish we are multitasking and the like and mentally beat ourselves up. I am an expert at this, I can tell you. But I found even five minutes a couple of times a week can sometimes be enough to soothe a frazzled soul.

I am not entirely sure of what will be shared on this blog; certainly there will be a lot of discussion of my own personal opinion. I do want to share things that have made a difference to me and my frayed nerves, but other than that, I cannot really outline what the content will be. To me, that is a good thing. If I have no set criteria then I don’t have to stress myself looking for content, nor do I have to post everyday, which can be an unrealistic goal for me.

Hopefully I will achieve the aim of this blog and share my own experiences when it comes to soul soothing.

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