Review of Angel on the Ropes.

This book is about a trapeze artist, Amandine Sand, who has a secret – she is also a leopard!

When I first started reading this book I was quite taken aback by the leopard revelation. I thought at first it was maybe a children’s book that I had accidentally requested to review. After I read a few more pages I realised the story was a futuristic, sci-fi/fantasy tale.

The story follows Amandine as she performs at the circus and helps her own kind, the leopards, find safety with the help of a group of people known as the Seekers. The story has a fair amount of terms and characters that are often referred to and I was left wondering if this particular story was part of a series. I felt a little more description would have helped the reader to better understand some parts.

That said, the story is quite interesting, particularly for sci-fi/fantasy lovers. For all there was a lack of description for some characters involvement I did enjoy the read. Towards the end I felt quite a lot of things were rushed, but also there are a lot of loose ends – the hook for a sequel?

I felt the author researched the circus background pretty well, the scenes where Amandine and Jango are performing and practising their trapeze sequences were very well written. I loved all of the circus parts, felt a strong sense of hatred towards the Plaguellants – who I felt were very cruel.

I thought the book was a good read, particulalrly if you enjoy this genre. I am not so sure readers who aren’t familiar with the sci-fi/fantasy genre would appreciate it though, it is pretty futuristic and leans heavily on the fantasy – which makes it a wonderful read for anyone who loves this genre.

Well written, one or two confusing parts – for me, anyway – but on the whole a good read.

**** 4 stars.

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