What I’ve been up to.

I somehow managed to have two blogs of a personal nature. It wasn’t intentional, it actually happened by accident when I imported my content from blogger. Anyway, I have finally got around to fixing this issue I created and have now merged the two.

Life has been crazy busy for me, it never stops these days and I often marvel at how I manage to juggle everything so effortlessly. Actually, it isn’t without effort I can assure you; sometimes I feel like I might drop the whole darn lot and cause myself even more problems.

Readers who have been around a while know I have this inability to say no to my family. It used to be to my friends too but I somehow managed to end the doormat issue I had created in that circle. I still am looking to say no to my family, what is it about our nearest and dearest that they can guilt trip us into doing what they want?

When friends ask my advice on this matter I tell them to be tough and only give in if it is an emergency. Do I take my own advice? Nope, I do not!!!

This means I have a list of what I want to do that is ever growing and feelings of failure that threaten to trip me up almost daily.

I have given up trying to be the dutiful blogger and decided that I just do not have enough hours in my day, or week, for regular posts. I’m sure I could trim some proverbial fat somewhere, but life does its’ thing and I forget, you know how it is. I regularly read other blogs and feel mine is ridiculously rubbish in comparison, then I have to have words with myself because comparing myself to others is not good for my soul, nor is it something I really do – that often!

During my blog perusals I found a concept that could actually work for me. The blog I am borrowing from is bugbirdbee.co.uk and I just love the concept of the right here, right now posts.

Currently I am

Cleaning up my neglected social media presence. Life doing its’ thing has meant I have not had as much time as I would like to dedicate to writing and promoting it, etc.


As a book reviewer I often have several books on the go at once. This month I am reading Women Who Run With Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes (that one is for my own pleasure), Learning Without Tears – Helyn Connerr, and I recently (late last night) finished The Storycatcher by Ann Hite – that one was a review book. I have just started on After The Kiss – Lauren Layne – which is also a review.


My children are all grown up. Kayleigh is 23, still lives with us at home. She has a mental health condition similar to Bi-Polar and had to quit her job as she was not coping at all. Emma is 21 and has her own place. She is also the mother of Sienna who is 16 months. Tony is 17. I home educated Tony for his entire high school years – long story! – he is now attending college and studying a Performing Arts and Media course.

Listening to

Goddess by Banks.

This album came up as one of my suggestions on Deezer a couple of weeks back and I have been hooked ever since.


Laughing at

An account on twitter called Footy Face Swap is pretty funny. Also the usual memes on FB.

Swooning over

kit-harington-gq-magazine-april-2014-game-of-thrones-actor-mens-fashion-style-01 (1)

I love Kit Harington. I keep seeing his image everywhere I go as the promotions for his latest film, Pompeii, are just everywhere. He is also Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones.


I have so much writing in the planning stage, I actually have to get myself into gear and get it out there.

Eating lots of

I am eating lots of proper meals, sounds like a no brainer, I know. I have to eat right as I am diabetic, but having fibromyalgia messes with my sense of taste and that often means food tasting a lot different to what it should, resulting in me almost throwing up. It’s a work in progress!


I feel ready to get on with the many things I wish to pursue. I have a new Uni module starting in early October, so really looking forward to that.


I have neglected so much these past few months, discovering that I really don’t need to be on FB as much as I think I do has been a real eye opener. This has freed up my time in so many ways and I am happier for it.


September has been a frustrating month in terms of what to wear. Mornings and evenings in the North of England are notoriously cold, so very often I have dressed with cool weather in mind, only to find that by mid-morning the sun is up and it is really warm and I have dressed all wrong yet again. I have settled for jeans and t.shirts, teamed with a shirt; jumpers were just too much. Footwear has mainly been flats, due to the warm weather.


I have been using social media to promote various women’s charities. The main charity is Women’s Aid https://twitter.com/womensaid My younger daughter was in an abusive relationship right up until her daughter was a couple of months old. She was so lucky to have us there to help her, but many women have nobody and often leave with just the clothes they are wearing. These women rely on the refuges to offer them a place of safety for them and any children they have, they rely on the support workers to help them get back on their feet – as well as the wonderful volunteers – and get them their freedom back. May refuges are facing cuts and even closure. Vulnerable women need places like this when they have to flee violent and abusive relationships.

I have also signed several petitions for changes in the law and the removal of offensive literature towards rape victims. Too many people blame the victims of rape for this heinous crime. This is not right, no rape victim should be made to feel they are at fault for the despicable behaviour another has inflicted upon them.


Incense sticks. I just can’t seem to help myself!


Lists. I feel my life is incomplete if I haven’t got a handful of lists on the go. My lists make me feel happy and sane!

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