Day 2 – The Magician.

Day 2 of the writing challenge.

Did I mention the challenge is based around the major Arcana?  If not, then Day 1 was the fool and Day 2 – I know, I’m a day  late, blame Mercury about to go retrograde! – is the Magician.

This writing challenge is all about opening myself up to a new journey, or returning to an old journey abandoned in my case.  The magician gives us the tools we need to help us on our way.  I think in my case I already have those tools, I just need to utilize them.  I stated on Day 1 that my dream is to become a published author.  I touched upon how I stumbled into my dream by feeling I could write a good Mills and Boon novel.  Over the years my creativity has grown and I have so many ideas, not just for the Mills and Boon, but for other genres too.

I started my degree way back in 2006, with the Open University (a distance learning establishment for those who don’t know what the OU is) and abandoned that due to health problems and the home schooling of my son.  I started back on with my studies back in February and completed my second module last month.  My third module starts this weekend – Advanced Creative Writing.  The first module was Creative Writing.  I believe these are some of the tools I will need to further me along my journey towards my new life.  Even if all they do is boost my confidence and self belief then they will have served me well.   The other tools I need for this journey, I already have.  I spent so long believing I could never do this properly because I wasn’t equipped to do it, but in reality I have the necessary tools already.  I only need to start using those tools and I will be well on my way.

Sometimes the most useful tool we have is belief in ourselves.  I am particularly guilty in doubting myself.  Earlier this year I read a book that touched upon how we all have this idea that the whole world is trying to prevent us from moving forward.  We claim “they” do not want to see us succeed.  The “they” actually turns out not to be the entire population of the world, but perhaps two or three people at the most who wish to see us fail.  More often than not it is actually ourselves that are the guilty “they”.  We fear what others may think of us and this gives rise to negativity and self-doubt.  Once we strip all of this away and either deal with the negative few or our own self-doubt we are able to move forward and achieve great things.

I choose to believe in me.  I know I have the ability to do this and I know the only person holding me back is me.  I choose to stop holding myself back and go out and achieve my dream.

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