Day 5 of the writing challenge.

Today we meet The Emperor.  He brings calm to the chaotic jumble of life.

So far I have revealed my desire to be a published writer.  I have mentioned the demands on my time and how they always get in the way of my writing time.  My life is chaotic because I have chronic illnesses.  They also determine the amount of time I get to write.  Therefore,  I decided to meditate upon this card to see what wisdom he would share with me.

The Emperor is telling me to gain any kind of control over my chaotic life I need to go with the flow.  This seemed very contradictory to me, but the Emperor assures me that my need to control everything is counter-productive.  The more I try to control everything and everyone, the more chaotic my life becomes.  My focus needs to shift away from what I cannot control to what I can.  My focus needs to be more centred around my goals, rather than trying to please everyone else.  The more they ask, the more I give, the more I give, the more they take.  The Emperor is telling me to break that habit NOW.  I cannot be all things to everyone and I need to take better care of myself on all levels before I completely burnout.  When I learn to let go, opportunity and space open up for me.  By allowing myself to embrace opportunity and space I allow myself the time I need to get on with writing and my creativity flows more freely.  When my creativity flows more freely I am able to produce the results I need.

This was an interesting meditation because it was showing me where I am now and where I need to be in order to achieve my goal.  The message was quite abrupt, but I guess that is what I needed in order to really listen.

Day 4 of the Writing Challenge.

Day 4 is all about The Empress and abundance.

When we think about abundance we think in terms of riches, a kings ransom, millions of pounds/dollars.  But that isn’t really what the Empress is all about.  The Empress is whispering to us that we do have abundance in our lives.  So we aren’t mega rich in monetary terms, but that’s OK – yeah, I know, I am always saying money is a huge help in life, especially when you have very little like I do – it’s OK because when you examine your life a lot more closely you begin to see just how abundant it is.

My life is relatively poor in terms of finances.  I live a hand to mouth existence and that can be very worrying at times.  There is never any spare money for trips around the world, or luxuries items etc.  anything I have that can be considered a luxury I have either received as a gift at Xmas or my birthday, or it has come my way by a friend or relative who is getting rid of it.  That doesn’t mean to say I am not grateful, both for the gifts and for the money I do receive, because I am very grateful.  Once I started to look beyond money I began to realise that my life is incredibly rich in other areas.  I have a wealth of knowledge about how to deal with emergencies; how to deal with life when you suddenly are faced with so much stress it threatens to engulf you.  I have a wealth of experience when it comes to just about every aspect of life and for me that is something money just can’t buy.

This leads me to look at all I have achieved in my life, all I have accomplished, overcome, it all adds up to some pretty amazing stuff.  I have a wonderful family that me and my husband created.  I have a life, that may be lacking in financial riches but in all of the areas that matter no price could ever be put on that.

When the Empress is showing me all I have in abundance, I see a life that is overflowing with riches, people and experiences and accomplishments that all of the riches in the world could never buy.  That to me is true abundance.