Day 5 of the writing challenge.

Today we meet The Emperor.  He brings calm to the chaotic jumble of life.

So far I have revealed my desire to be a published writer.  I have mentioned the demands on my time and how they always get in the way of my writing time.  My life is chaotic because I have chronic illnesses.  They also determine the amount of time I get to write.  Therefore,  I decided to meditate upon this card to see what wisdom he would share with me.

The Emperor is telling me to gain any kind of control over my chaotic life I need to go with the flow.  This seemed very contradictory to me, but the Emperor assures me that my need to control everything is counter-productive.  The more I try to control everything and everyone, the more chaotic my life becomes.  My focus needs to shift away from what I cannot control to what I can.  My focus needs to be more centred around my goals, rather than trying to please everyone else.  The more they ask, the more I give, the more I give, the more they take.  The Emperor is telling me to break that habit NOW.  I cannot be all things to everyone and I need to take better care of myself on all levels before I completely burnout.  When I learn to let go, opportunity and space open up for me.  By allowing myself to embrace opportunity and space I allow myself the time I need to get on with writing and my creativity flows more freely.  When my creativity flows more freely I am able to produce the results I need.

This was an interesting meditation because it was showing me where I am now and where I need to be in order to achieve my goal.  The message was quite abrupt, but I guess that is what I needed in order to really listen.

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