The Hierophant – Day 6.

Day 6 is tricky.  The Hierophant is the teacher of all knowledge.  The challenge is to share secret knowledge that I know.  I’m feeling pretty stumped on this one, I have to admit.  When it comes to spiritual stuff I tend to know more or less what others know.  I am not new to this path, fa from it, but I don’t see myself as having all of the answers either – pretty much like anyone else to be honest.

What I will say is this:  When it comes to the spiritual side of things, or to matters such as witchcraft, divination techniques etc, I have always found that just being myself is the key for my success.  In the very beginning, many moons ago, I followed the instructions of other people and what authors of books had written and I have to say, I was not as successful as when I just did things my own way.  That was when I was in my twenties, now I am just the right side of forty I have long given up following what others say and I just do it my way.  Yeah, sure, if I come across a new method or new spell I will have a read through – we never know everything, even those of us who have been rattling around for such a long time, but it is always just a guide.  I would tweak that person’s method/spell until it not only felt right for me, but also worked.

It is the same with dream interpretation – this is an area where I feel like a natural.  People are so confused by their dreams, who doesn’t get confused?  There are so many interpretation books out there and some are similar, but most are just so confusing and feel so wrong.  What I have found is that the best way to interpret a dream is to write down as much as you can remember, then look at the symbolism that is there.  For instance, if you dream of a frog many books will tell you so many different meanings that you will be left wondering just what the heck does it all mean.  In the very beginning I used to use books to interpret my dreams and I have to say, there were times I was left so confused by the interpretation I felt like dream interpretation was just a load of rubbish.

But then I began to think about what each symbol meant to me.  I hate frogs and other slimy creatures, so for me to dream of a frog would put me on alert for a person coming into my life who had the attributes of a slimy frog!  However, if I were to dig a little deeper I would maybe feel the dream could mean determination – frogs hop from dry land to a body of water and the sheer determination is admirable.  That’s the thing yous see, dream symbolism is a very personal thing.  Books give you a generic meaning but that isn’t always right for you.  The meaning written in a particular book is the author’s take on dream symbolism and many dream interpreters are following the teachings of Sigmund Freud.  Don’t gt me wrong, some people find these methods work really well for them, and who am I to argue?  But for anyone who is left more baffled after reading these books the answer may well just be within you.  Think about those symbols in your dream and what they mean to you and then see if you can interpret your dream yourself.

That is my humble opinion on such matters.  We are all individuals and all view the world from a slightly different perspective.  Therefore it makes sense to make all magical and spiritual work personal.