The Chariot.

The Chariot is saying “go out and celebrate those successes”


The thing with life is, you sometimes fail to realise you have been successful until somebody points it out to you.  In my life I have always done it tough.  I am not expecting pity here, so don’t think for one minute I am, but when you just get on with it and hurl the obstacles out of the way as you go it sometimes isn’t as obvious to you that you have succeeded.

When I read the brief on today’s writing challenge I had a specific success in mind to write about, but then I decided not to single that out and instead, concentrate on every success I have ever had.  I sat and pondered areas of my life, events, and so on that had been successful and thought, hell yeah, I’ve really achieved something here.

I will quickly refer back to THAT event in 1987 that almost broke me.  I never thought I could be this happy.  I never thought I could feel so good about myself.  I never thought I would succeed at anything.  But looking back has made me realise just what a successful person I am.  Everything I have achieved has been because I have had that gritty determination and desire to keep moving forward.  I have that winner’s mentality – I actually only realised I had that as I wrote this post! – that never allows me to give in, that drives me forward, keeping one eye on the goal and one on each obstacle that arises.

The Chariot has made me realise that I AM A WINNER!  I AM A SUCCESS!

I celebrate those successes each day and marvel at all I have achieved.


  1. BernardCharles says:

    What is up with us doing things the tough way! LOL


    1. suepk says:

      I think it’s a great way, lol. Not that I ever have a choice mind you!!!! Good for character building 😃


      1. BernardCharles says:

        Haha! Oh yes! So true!


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