The Lion and strength.

Day 9 brings us face to face with Strength, the lion.  The brief is to write a letter from my inner lion, explaining where my inner wild woman needs more freedom to roam.  Before I start on that I want to share with you a dream I had last week.

The dream was odd – my dreams always are – I was in a cafe with unseen people; when I say unseen, I just couldn’t see them because I wasn’t looking at them, but they were there and I could hear them talking to me.  I was sat at a table when a lion approached me and climbed onto my lap, then started to wrap itself around me.  My initial thought, in my dream, was that it was going to be rude, in the way that dogs have a tendency to do with human legs!!!  But it continued to curl itself around my body and hold me tight in a protective sort of way.  Then a voice – not one belonging to anyone in the cafe – told me to relax and not to be afraid.  It took me a few days to work out what this particular message was all about, but after deciphering the dream and having a chat with my friend who guides our group on shamanic journeys, I have concluded that this particular animal has appeared at this time in my life for a particular reason.

“My dear Sue, you have hidden your true nature away for so long.  You have hurt for so long that you have forgotten what it is like to run wild and free.  You need to be the truest version of yourself, not the watered down person that you present to the world.  You have courage and passion and a strong sense of what is right and wrong.  You have clarity and wisdom and you have a voice that needs to be heard.  Share these traits with the world.  Be proud of who you truly are, move forward with your life, let your inner wild woman run wild and free and cherish the life that unfolds before you.  Love your inner wild woman and courageous lion.”

Those words just tumbled out of me.  I am sat here listening to an album by a group called the XX and have earphones in whilst I write.  I find it helps to switch myself off from the outside world and allows the creativity within to flow.  When I had finished with my letter I read it back and couldn’t help but smile.  This version of me – my real and true self – has been fighting to be let out for a while now.  When I had finished reading “How To Find Your North Star” earlier this year I knew that I was changing.  Small changes have taken place ever since, but the dam burst last week when I began this writing challenge and after a full moon ritual I took part in with a group of like minded women.  This writing challenge has helped me to release a lot of negative emotions and releasing negativity was the purpose of my ritual last week.  The result is a much happier me, happy to allow the real me to shine through and discard that which has held me prisoner for so long.