The Hermit.

For day 10 of the writing challenge we get the hermit.  We write about a place that we can retreat to, real or imaginary, a place that allows our soul light to shine through.  For me this place is my bedroom

My bedroom is my sanctuary.  Having fibromyalgia, arthritis and cervical spondylosis has meant I have spent a lot of time being bed-ridden.  I have gotten so used to spending my days in this room that it feels quite sacred to me.  Sure, my family come and go, I never am completely alone all day, everyday.  But this room is peaceful and it makes me feel so relaxed.  There is nothing special about my bedroom, I share it with my husband.  I watch T.V. in bed when I am too sick to get out of bed, I read – a lot – and I catch up with friends online.  I can do anything, more or less, in this particular room.  I have performed rituals in there, I have meditated, played my drum, read cards.

I am making it sound like just another ordinary room in my house.  It isn’t decorated in a fancy way, it’s just a bedroom to the untrained eye.  But if you were invited in and were to look closely, you would see one or two items that indicate some of the activities that take place.  For instance, the vast amount of books, everywhere.  The crystal ball, oil burners, candles, scrying mirror and the ever present incense sticks and charcoal burner for loose incense and herbs.  To the untrained eye they probably look like fancy ornaments, but that’s OK.  This room is not the tidiest, I have a method to my chaos and if it were to be tidied to within an inch of its’ life it just wouldn’t feel comfortable for me.

This room is my haven.  I can be myself within this space and I feel at my most powerful whilst in there.  I’ve tried ritual, meditation, even just chilling out in other areas of my house, but nowhere holds the same magical feeling.  No other room in my house feels as comfortable as my bedroom.  I can really feel myself in this room.  It feels like my personal power and spirit ooze out of the four walls.  It feels like an extension of myself.

To look at, it is not much really.  To me it is everything.

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