The Wheel of Fortune.

Today’s challenge:

Write about a time when you’ve felt part that the Universe has helped you along your destiny.  Did a chance encounter lead you to the love of your life? A random stranger helped you find a job? A decision you made had far-reaching consequences you never expected?  What are the synchronicities you’ve encountered?

I am not sure what I want to write about for this challenge, there are many things I could have written about in relation to this subject, but I was so undecided on what to pick.  I have ummed and aahhed over the topic and finally decided on the Owl.

At first you may wonder what the owl has to do with this.  Well, earlier this year I became quite fascinated by owls.  Not just the birds themselves, but pictures, cushions, bags, purses, phone covers, scarves, you name it, I became a bit obsessed.  At the time I didn’t really take any notice of what it all meant, I never stopped to think that it actually meant anything to be honest.  I just allowed my interest to develop.  When it was birthday I got a variety of owl themed items and felt strangely happy.  I still didn’t think anything of this, other than it being a fashion craze for myself, or some kind of fad.

I have been working on myself a lot lately.  Meditations, shamanic journeying, soul-searching, clearing negative aspects from my life.  During the shamanic journeys I discovered Bear was working with me and assumed that Bear was my spiritual animal.  This had surprised me as I have always had an affinity with Magpies.  Around the time my owl obsession began I discovered, through meditation and journeying, that Owl is my spirit animal right now.  I didn’t realise this could change, I always assumed Bear would be with me.  Owl was portraying in my life at a time I needed to seek inner wisdom and knowledge.  At a time when my understanding of myself and my own way of thinking was in need of change.  Bear had been with me in the beginning and had helped me on my inner-healing journey.  Owl had shown up when I needed to take heed of the wisdom within and I have Lion by my side too.  Owl is maybe not going to be with me always, just like bear wasn’t, but I believe that my Owl obsession was my soul’s way of trying to get me to pay attention of the signs the Universe was throwing my way.  Of course, at the time, I wasn’t paying any attention and so the obsession was born until I paid attention.  I know this is working now because I have less of an owl obsession than I used to, although I still feel deeply connected to my owl items right now.

I think it is wonderful how the Universe/our higher selves/fate, call it what you will, works in mysterious and wonderful ways to get us to pay attention to the messages and signs we are sometimes so blind to.

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