After The Kiss.

Julie Greene is a writer for a very popular magazine, Sex, Love and Stiletto.  Her latest assignment is to write about falling in love, not her usual gig.  Julie is all about first dates, wonderfully, sexy first kisses and getting out before things get too serious.  But now her editor wants a different angle from her and rather than allow a work rival to fill her shoes on this particular assignment, Julie agrees to write the article.  Cue the start of Julie’s research into “how to fall in love” and her mission to find a man for her experiment.

Mitchell Forbes, recently single after ditching his long term girlfriend, is also on the lookout for a woman to help with his own experiment.  Mitchell and a friend wage a bet that Mitchell cannot get involved with a woman without falling in love with her.  Mitchell works on Wall Street and is quite staid when it comes to life and living it.  But can he have a casual fling, and if so, who with?

Julie and Mitchell are set up by their respective friends, neither mentioning their own personal reasons for wanting to hook up.  They hit it off immediately and the chemistry between them is fabulous.  They begin dating and neither wants to admit to themselves that they are falling for one another.  Eventually they both decide to come clean to one another about their reasons for getting involved in the first place, which ends in disaster, leaving Julie’s journalistic career in the balance.  Can Julie’s career be saved?  Can Mitchell ever forgive Julie for what she did?

I loved this book.  It is was a fun read and not as predictable as I thought it would have been.

Recommended for lovers of this genre.

5 stars *****

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