The Hanged Man.

The final challenge of this week brings us face to face with the hanged man.

My point of view on this is this.

Life has led me down many paths and for some reason I have chosen to retain bits from every experience I have ever had.  I have felt, at times, weighed down and world weary.  But this writing challenge, along with a ritual performed at the full moon, plus a book I read earlier in the year, have shaken me up and metaphorically speaking, hung me upside down!

The hurt and anger from the past has slipped away from me.  Negativity has been banished.  Blame and shame and fear and loathing have fallen by the wayside.  Momentarily I felt emptiness, it was strange, not having all of those burdens within me anymore.  The places in my soul that they had filled up soon filled up with different feelings.  Hope, happiness, joy, bliss, love, peace.

I haven’t felt this peaceful in a long time and I have to say it is awesome!

I definitely feel liberated and I love it!!!

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