Writing Challenge Day 14.

This card is feared when it appears in a reading.  It’s a natural response, death represents ending and to some people it means their physical death, or that of a loved one.  Writing about death, the card, the lesson it brings us can indeed be about a physical death, but it can also represent change – the death of a situation, a change in circumstances etc – and this is what our challenge is about today.

I feel that all of the writing I have done in the past couple of weeks has led up to this point; the death of a way of life, a way of thinking, a circumstance that needed to end.  I welcome this card today, it gives me a chance to rethink what I have done recently, choices I have made, it gives me a chance to take stock of all I have achieved these past couple of weeks, a chance to pause for reflection and check my direction.

This card alerts me to the changes in my life, changes for the best, changes that will make my life a lot happier.