Made To Last.

Made To Last is Melissa Tagg’s debut novel.  Not a bad effort at all.  The only complaint I have is that for me, the middle part of the story is a wee bit too long.  This is just my personal take on it and I do believe many other people have found it a fantastic story.

Miranda Woodruffe is the star of a home improvement TV show called From The Ground Up.  She appears to have it all, a successful career in TV, a wonderful husband who inspires her talent in home improvements and a fantastic home.  The truth on the other hand is so different.  Her talent is real, yes, but her home is only half-finished and her wonderfully inspiring husband is no-existent.  The lie about her having this wonderful husband stems from her audition for the position on the show.  She told the director all about the man she was involved with at the time, the man who she expected to marry and who had taught her everything she knew about home improvements.  She didn’t think there was any harm in the little white lie that she told at the time, after all, she and Robbie were going to be married soon anyway.  But shortly after she began filming the TV show Robbie walked out on her, leaving her broken-hearted and living a lie.

Three years on and fans of the show still believe she is married.  The only people who know the truth are her best friends and the show’s producer.  With the show in danger of being axed her producer decides it’s high time the public get a glimpse into Miranda’s very private personal life.  The only snag is, she doesn’t have a husband!  The plan is to hire a fake one for a while. The producer also thinks it’s great idea to have a journalist shadow Miranda and blog about her life.  There is a fantastic twist in the tale towards the end, I think the reader kind of expects this to happen though.

Great read, if a little on the long side.

Recommended.  4 stars ****

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