The Story Guy

This was a lovely read, a tale of courage, sacrifice and love.  Carrie West stumbles across an online dating add that piques her interest.  The add says “I will meet you on Wednesdays at noon in Celebration Park.  Kissing only.”

Carrie messages the poster, who has included a personal photo of himself.  Carrie is struck by the sheer beauty of the man in the photograph.  Before too long the anonymous poster messages her back and they begin to chat, agreeing to meet the following Wednesday.  Carrie turns up at Celebration Park, not sure what or who to expect, but when a male bicycle rider approaches her she recognises the man from the photograph online.  He tells her of his rules and then they start kissing; kissing which thrills Carrie so much that she wants to take things further.  As the story progresses the reader gets caught up in the angst that Brian Newborough portrays.  Carrie knows Brian has a secret, a secret that fills his life and keeps him from committing to anyone, but she wants to share his burden and very gradually he lets her in, bit by bit.

My first thought was that Brian had a severely disabled wife whom he had to care and provide for and that was why he could not commit to anything other than the Wednesday kissing dates.  But then I sussed out what was going on and felt myself hoping he would let Carrie in, which he does eventually.

I found this to be a lovely read, some have said not so hot on the sex, but I think explosive, steamy sex scenes would detract from the message the author is trying to get out.


5 stars *****

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