The Moon.

The card we are using as a prompt today is The Moon.  The moon casts shadows in the darkness, creating an illusion of fear.  We set upon our new path often when we are in the midst of our darkest hour, but we need not fear the unknown, we ought to embrace it and make it our own path, unique to us.  For this is when we create a beautiful life, full of awe and wonder, this is when we accept our fate and live our life regardless of what obstacles are scattered before us.

The moon casts shadows before us, but we need not fear those shadows, we can embrace the shadowy path before us as one that will be full of wonder and delight when the morning comes.  This card is full of hope, maybe things are not as they seem right now, but with a little patience and courage we will be once more on our way towards the wonderful life we seek.

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