This past week has been a flurry of activity; writing an assignment up for my latest OU course, writing for myself and of course other tasks that need seeing to.  I had intended to write a post, similar to the one I did at the end of September, on Friday but somehow I ran out of hours!

I did say last month that I would probably go with my own format – I’ve been working on my own self esteem for a while now and I feel it is high time I branched out into areas where I have long said I would – and after all of my revelations and change in attitude, I think now is as good a time as any to do just that.

What have I been up to in October:

During October I took part in a writing challenge, using the cards from the major arcana as prompts – I haven’t actually finished my foray into this delightful challenge yet as time was not on my side.  What I did manage to write about really helped me unlock the inner me who was clawing at the more reserved me, itching to get out and take on the world!  I let her out and after a few weeks of adjustment I can finally say I am beginning to live life how I really want to.  Who knew that all it would take was me to let go?

During October I finished reading Women Who Run With Wolves, as well as the book by Helyn Connerr.  I read a couple of review books – just need to write up the reviews for them now – and one or two Mills and Boon, I figured I needed to reacquaint myself with that format as I am half way through a book that will be sent to them.  I also sat down and went through my endless lists of story ideas and I am both amazed and in awe of my creativity – how did I not know I was so creative?  The book I am currently reading is a review book – The Vicar’s Wife.

The music I have been listening to in October:  I listen to an awful lot of music, especially when I am writing – it helps the creative juices to flow.  Mostly it is a random playlist I have saved on Deezer that I play on shuffle.  This helps me concentrate, I don’t have to think about what is coming on next.  Towards mid October I found I was in love with several U2 songs – in particular quite a few from their 1984 album, The Unforgettable Fire, and a playlist I created of my favourite U2 songs.  I particularly love a song called Electrical Storm –   and a song called Promenade  –     I am still loving a song from U2’s new album, the one that they snuck onto everyone’s IPhones!  The song is called Iris –    www.youtubh?v=xA7DNe.com/watcaWPnsI

I have just started watching – right at the end of October – a sci-fi/fantasy program called Dominion.  It is just amazing.  I’m also watching all of my current favourites – Dr. Who, Haven, Witches Of East End, The Originals.

Plans for the coming month:  My plans for this month are going to revolve around decorating and writing.  I set a deadline for my book to be completed and ready to be sent to the publisher, that deadline is February 14th 2015 – gives me enough time to have sick days and stress days!  I also have Uni work to get through and umpteen other mundane things that make up my life.

I have recently rediscovered filofax.  How on earth have I managed without one for so long?  I actually have two, one for personal stuff and one for writing related stuff – including Uni.

Last month was all about raising awareness for rape victims and victims of Domestic Violence.  We should not have to feel ashamed of what has happened to us, we should be allowed as much time as we need to hurt and grieve for what we have lost at the hands of these monsters.  With that in mind I am going to be looking into a new cause:


This is something my eldest daughter is interested in organising for this area.  I am also interested in raising funds for http://www.westcumbriarapecrisis.co.uk/ and looking to see what it would take to set up a Rape Crisis in Carlisle.

After the huge support I received last month when I opened up about my trauma, I felt it was only fitting that something positive rose out of this, and that is why this month I am interested in taking things to the next step.

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