When it all just clicks.

My self love adventure continues.  I have joined a couple of programs and groups on FB that really resonate a strong sense of self love and I wanted to be a part of that.  The people who are members of these groups are just wonderful, I can relate to everyone and despite not everyone having walked a similar path to me I still feel connected to them.  It is so refreshing to be amongst like minded people and not worry about what their motives are.  To not have my choice of path picked apart for being too fluffy or all sweetness and light.

I am not turning my back on other people I have known through other groups, on the contrary, I am still in contact with many of them.  I have just had enough of the drama and the name calling that goes hand in hand with some of the groups I have been involved with.  I made a bold statement at the beginning of the year – I am not to be involved with anyone’s drama anymore.  Life, for me, at home, is a complicated enough business – it’s private and it’s staying that way! – without the need for me to take sides in anyone else’s dramas.  I am always available to those who ask for advice; if anyone I am friendly with has an issue with another person I am friendly with, then don’t bring it to me.  I am not picking sides and I am not acting as a messenger service for either party.  If you ask what I would do then I will tell you what I will do, but you must remember I am not you so it may not necessarily work for you!

Like I said on social media, this post is not about anyone in particular, it has been born out of a variety of situations that have threatened to engulf me over the past couple of years AND I AM DONE!

Yep, I have shut the door on that particular kind of behaviour because I am devoting my life to self love.  It may sound far out and starry-eyed, but that’s OK, I am quite happy with starry-eyed!  I am not particularly bothered if this is not right for anyone else – I am not breaking any laws or hurting anyone for the record – because it isn’t about anyone else, it’s about what makes my life run the way I want it to run.

I am focusing on listening to my body – a lot.   This is a new thing for me.  I have been exceptionally reflective this week and not had much productive time, but I’ve also felt less stressed by what life has thrown my way.  I have dealt with problems as they have arisen and what hasn’t been completed one day got carried over to the next day.

Everything I am doing I have felt the desire to do.  Feelings and intuition have played a huge part in what I have been doing this year and I am so much happier.  It has all just clicked into place.

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