As Good As It Gets.

I began this book a little while back and dismissed it as it felt like it was so predictable.  Then I went back to it last week and found I couldn’t put it down.  I think I must have been in the wrong headspace to begin with and when I went back to it I was better!

Charlotte Bristow is our heroine in this novel and we follow her through the ups and downs of her life.  She has a husband and two kids and a great job.  Her husband, Will, has no job as he was made redundant a while back.  Will is causing her concern as they have not had sex since Mother’s Day – and it’s now the summer!!!  Her daughter Rosie has just been signed up to a modelling agency and has the attitude to rival any supermodel.  Her son Ollie is a mine of information when it comes to geeky things and I really loved his character.  Rosie on the other hand annoyed the hell out of me – probably because she reminded me of my eldest when she was that age!

I have to admit I laughed out loud so much at this book.  Fiona Gibson really grasped motherhood and what we all go through at some point.  Her observations were spot on and hilarious.  I felt I knew where the story was heading but then was thrown of course by a brilliant plot twist – which I loved!!!

A very enjoyable book and I would highly recommend it.

5 stars *****

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