Feeding The Fire Review.

Feeding The Fire is a lovely book.  I loved the idea of the heroine and hero getting together behind their families’ backs because of a longstanding feud.

Pepper wins Grant at a Valentine’s Day auction, but Pepper did not really want to win Grant.  Somehow she inadvertently placed a bid on him – with a little help from his Grandmother – and now she has won a date with him.  Pepper and Grant had a fling a while back but now she just wants to forget all about him, but he is keen to pursue her.  Instead of the traditional type of date Grant decides to do something rather different to try to help Pepper out.  He knows she is fixing her house up and knows that the money she had saved up for that accidentally got used for the bid.  He decides to do what he can to help her fix up her house, enlisting the help of some of his colleagues at the fire station.

The course of true love does not run smoothly and Grant has to fight to win Pepper over.

This is the second installment in the Rosewood series and is an enjoyable read.

Recommended.  5 stars *****

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