Review of Stranded

This book is part of the Alaskan Courage series.

I started reading this book at 11 p.m. last night and stayed up until after 2 a.m. to finish it!  I was so intrigued by the drama that was unfolding I just had to see it through in one sitting.

The book focuses on Darcy St. James who is an investigative journalist and has joined a cruise ship at the request of her good friend Abby.  Abby is undercover – also a journalist – as she has a story to uncover on board the cruise ship.  Abby goes missing and the book follows Darcy as she investigates the goings on behind Abby’s disappearance.  She teams up with Gage, a guy she met five months earlier – I do not know if these characters are in the previous books in this series as I haven’t read them – when she was helping out on an investigation for Gage’s family.

There is definitely chemistry between Darcy and Gage but he has a broken heart because his son died and he also got hurt by his ex, a lawyer who uses people to get her own way.  He tends to lump Darcy into that category too, although she has tried to make him see that she isn’t like that.  He is very untrusting of her, especially as her job requires that she is quite deceitful about her identity and that she also uses people to find out what she needs to know for her story.

The book is pretty action-packed and the reader is compelled to read on to find out what will happen next.  I found I could not put the book down!

Well worth a read and highly recommended.

5 stars *****

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